10 Maintenance Tips for Your Garden Fountain

stone hardscaping with garden fountain water fall feature

When you have a garden fountain as part of your home’s landscape, you have the perfect place to relax. There is something peaceful about sitting by a pond or fountain. Whether unwinding after a long day of work or dealing with Atlanta traffic, outdoor water fountains are a great stress reliever. However, outdoor water features require a bit of fountain maintenance. To keep your garden fountain or water feature in great condition, be sure to include maintenance as part of your schedule. Here are some garden fountain maintenance tips to ensure your outdoor water feature always brings you pleasure.

Outdoor Water Fountain Maintenance Tips

Maintain Proper Water Level

Be sure to keep the water level at the correct point. Typically, the pump needs to be fully submerged in water to function properly. If it gets too low, it can make a difference in how well the pump will work. Maintaining proper water levels is especially important during the summer. Georgia weather can be hot and dry. This leads to water evaporation and can reduce the amount of water in the fountain.

Protect the Surface of the Garden Fountain or Pond

Use a sealer to protect the surface of the pond or fountain. Depending on the location of your pond and the type of fountain, you might need to this every few years. However, it is worth it as this will increase its lifespan and help it look beautiful for years to come.

Clean the Side of the Fountain

Take time to clean the sides of the fountain with a non-abrasive cloth. This will keep it looking shiny and prevent the buildup of dirt, pollen, and dust.

Follow the Instructions

Clean the garden fountain according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some fountains require specific cleaning agents, so check your user’s manual before getting started.

Keep the Pump Running

Don’t turn off the pump and leave it sitting in the pond or water feature for extended periods of time. This will cause corrosion and encourage algae growth. Stagnant water can also become a breeding ground for mosquitos. Keeping the pump running helps extend its life, as well as helps to keep the water clean.

Clean the Pump Lines

Depending on the type of garden fountain pump, you may need to periodically detach it from the fountain and place it in a solution of water and vinegar. Mix two parts vinegar with one part water to create a safe fountain cleaning solution. This will help clean out the lines and allow the pump to run more efficiently.

Stop Algae Growth

Minimize the growth of algae in your fountain and pond by draining and refilling your outdoor fountain periodically. This will remove any accumulated bacteria, algae, or insects.

Eco-Friendly Water Fountain Maintenance Chemicals

Keep your scaled, furry, and feathered friends in mind when cleaning your pond! Only use cleaning agents that are eco-friendly and will not harm the environment. Check the label of any cleaning agents to make sure they are safe for plants and wildlife.

Remove Debris

Remove any twigs, plant fragments, etc. that can get sucked into the pump and clog it. Be sure to keep weeds and excessive plant growth away from the edges of your pond. Using a small net to fish out any debris will keep your pond in great condition. It is best to check your outdoor fountain or pond for debris once a week.

Inspect and Repair Surfaces

Pay attention to the surfaces of the fountain. If you notice any cracks, have them repaired sooner and not later. When cleaning the fountain, handle it with care so as to prevent any damage. Luxury outdoor water fountains are a beautiful addition to any landscape. If you take just a few minutes from time to time to keep it clean, it will provide hours of pleasure for years to come.

Outdoor Garden Fountain Installation and Maintenance in Atlanta

If you have concerns or questions about your outdoor fountain or garden pond, be sure to contact Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces. Our team provides expert landscape design and fountain installation services in Atlanta, GA. Whether you are looking for garden pond and fountain maintenance tips or a complete landscape overhaul, we are the best for the job!