6 Benefits of an Outdoor Fire Feature for Your Georgia Landscape

outdoor fire feature on hardscape outdoor living space with outdoor pathway and surface lighting
Georgia winters are not typically as harsh as other Southern states but that doesn’t mean that one will always want to simply stand around in the backyard to visit with friends – after all, that can still get cold! And, while our summers can be hot and humid, having a place to just hang out with friends is always welcomed. Sure, you can add a screened in porch or patio, but why not take a different approach and add a fire pit and seating area on your property? If you are a Georgia homeowner, then chances are you have found yourself looking for a way to entertain more people with ease. A firepit or similar outdoor space can be the perfect way to add on to your home and enhance your landscape. In fact, the addition of a fire pit to one’s landscape is great way to fully utilize your landscape.

6 Benefits of an Outdoor Fire Feature

·      Not Just for Winter. Surprisingly, a fire pit gets used year ‘round – not just December to February! Fire pits are also especially popular in spring and fall when temps have not quite reached the warm air of summer. ·      Ambiance. While many people automatically think “extra kitchen” when they hear the words ‘outside fire feature’ they underestimate the value of ambiance. A fire pit provides a place to sit back and contemplate life, read, or even conduct a business meeting in a relaxed atmosphere. ·       Entertaining. Need more room for that party? Looking for a place to host a wine tasting? Then a fire feature is the perfect backyard venue. ·      Property Value. Since the value of a property is dependent on the completion of an outdoor space, having an area of your yard that includes a fire feature – be it a free-standing chimney, a fire pit or some other type of fire element, then you are improving the property value. In fact, there are many who say that if you are looking to sell your home in the next few years and want to invest a bit of money towards that goal, then a fire feature is a better investment that a swimming pool. ·      Minimal – if any- maintenance. Unlike a pool that has to be treated chemically and vacuumed, or a patio/deck that will generally need to be resealed or repainted in time, a fire feature does not require significant maintenance. ·      Versatile. A fire feature can be  in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so no matter the style of your landscape a fire feature is a great way to bring cohesiveness to your landscape. Adding a fire element to your property is a practical way to add to the quality and quantity of time you spend outdoors. It encourages family time and making memories. So don’t wait till next spring to look for a way to make your home’s landscape more inviting and useable – give the Outdoor Makeover and Construction team a call today and schedule a fire feature consultation to determine where to place a fire feature in your landscape.


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