6 Common Mistakes in DIY Landscaping that Take Away from Curb Appeal

backyard landscaping with evergreen trees, stone patio, circular fire pit, and large grass yard
Thanks to television channels devoted to home and garden upgrades and design, an abundance of YouTube videos, Pinterest boards, magazines and more, there are more people doing DIY landscaping projects than ever before. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone suddenly knows what it takes to create a landscaped yard that boost curb appeal.

Avoiding DIY Landscaping Mistakes

If you are eager to change the look of your landscape design, then there are many routes you may choose to take, but if you will keep these tips in mind, you can keep your yard from becoming a landscaping version of Pinterest fails.

Failing to Plan

It’s been said that, if you fail to plan then you plan to fail. When designing a landscape it is vital that you have a plan for what you want the end result to be. Use some grafting paper, and draw (doesn’t have to be an artist’s rendition, can just be stick figures and basic shapes) what you envision, then endeavor to stick with that design as much as possible. Not sure where to start? Talk to one of our landscaping pros.

Pruning and Hedging

Typically, shrubs will need to be pruned periodically. If not, they can be an eyesore, and even make your home more attractive to thieves. In addition, be sure to keep hedges trimmed. If you are not sure when to prune the shrubbery be sure to talk to one of the Outdoor Makeover & Construction specialists.

Excessive Ornamentation

Yard statuary can be a beautiful way to add depth and interest to a part of your yard. However, when one looks at a landscape design and sees a large collection of decorations then it can actually look worse than having nothing at all. Also, when you do implement lawn art, be sure it showcases your landscape, and doesn’t look cheap or cluttered and earn your lawn a reputation of being tacky.

Scalping the Grass

Sure, neatly mowed yard looks great, but be sure that you are not cutting the grass too short. Each variety of grass is different, but a in most cases keeping it around 2 inches tall is a good height. Shorter than that, and you will not only need to cut the grass more often, but it is actually unhealthy for the grass.


Septic tanks, utility boxes, trash cans, and other items in the landscape can be eyesores. Don’t just ignore them hope others will too! Consider adding in a hedge, fence or other decorative element to hide these items while still keeping then accessible (if necessary).

Using the Wrong Plants

Do your homework and only add plants that will succeed in your yard. Not every plant is going to work with your soil conditions, the amount of sunlight your yard gets or the space where you wish to plant it. Selecting plants that work for your lawn will help it look and have greater curb appeal. In addition, when buying plants, never buy just one of a single plant. Consider buying several that you can group together, or perhaps space throughout your landscape so that the eye can identify the repetition. Make your landscape design the talk of the neighborhood –because it’s gorgeous not garish. Give the Outdoor Makeover & Construction pros a call today to learn to make your landscape beautiful!


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