How to Keep Your Driveway Pavers Looking Like New

front yard landscaping design with driveway leading to brick house

Paver driveways are a great way to enhance your home and have a range of benefits. These beautiful and durable driveways will last for years to come. Even though they require less maintenance than traditional driveways, you should still take time to keep them clean. Through some simple driveway paver maintenance tasks, your driveway can continue to look as good as the day it was installed! Plan to follow the steps below whenever you do seasonal landscape maintenance.

Driveway Paver Maintenance

Sweep the Pavers Off

The best time to sweep off the pavers is before it rains. Leaves and other items, like sticks and twigs, can stain your driveway pavers. Also, it is easier to remove dry items than wet ones. Regularly sweeping your driveway will prevent stains and keep your driveway looking like new!

Rinse Off The Pavers

After sweeping off the driveway, get your water hose with a relatively high-pressure spray attachment. Rinse off the pavers thoroughly. This will remove any dirt and grime that has accumulated that your broom may miss.

Seal Pavers After Installation

Seal the pavers and installation. Then, reapply the sealer every 2-3 years. This will help maintain the crisp look they have at installation. Paver driveway sealant protects them from a variety of damage. Failing to seal the pavers can cause them to lose their original color and become dingy.

Remove Plants Growing Between Pavers

Weeds can be a nuisance, especially in spring and summer. Take some time to remove any plants growing between the pavers. Even though these weeds look small, they can continue to grow and eventually cause damage or cracks. Treat your pavers with weed killer and prevention products. Filling the spaces between pavers with polymeric sand will also minimize weed growth. Polymeric sand hardens when moist. This helps to hold the pavers in place which prevents weeds from growing.

Immediately Clean Off Oil, Grease, and Gas Spills

If something spills on your pavers, like oil, grease, gasoline, etc., immediately clean these off your driveway. To clean these materials off the driveway, make a paste using powdered dish detergent and water. Then, spread the paste on the affected area. Scrub it gently with a bristled brush and then wait 10-20 minutes before washing away the detergent.

Replace Damaged Pavers

In the event that one of your pavers is damaged, replace it sooner rather than later. Damaged pavers can cause movement and shifting. This can cause damage to surrounding pavers. Be proactive when replacing pavers to prevent further damage.

Maintaining your driveway pavers is a simple task and one you don’t want to overlook. After all, your pavers are an investment in your property and if properly maintained, they will last for decades. If you are looking to have a custom and beautiful paver driveway install, contact Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces.