Outdoor Makeover Ideas for Your Home

new landscape makeover with stone walkway, softscaping, and mulched backyard

Now that February is here, we are one step closer to Spring! The weather will be warmer and the days start getting longer. Before you know it, all the plants will spring back to life. One of the best ways to prepare for the warmer weather is to have your own outdoor makeover. An outdoor makeover is a great way to prepare your yard for Spring. Outdoor makeovers can be improving your landscape or creating an outdoor living space. Here are some of the elements of an outdoor makeover.

Elements of an Outdoor Makeover

Create a Fireside Retreat

Fireside retreats can be enjoyed year-round. Fire pits can be built on an area of your deck, or even somewhere around the lawn. Fire elements, like fireplaces and fire pits, are a great way to add interest to your backyard.

Add Gates and Fences

Paint gates and fences in bright colors. This will add a splash of color to your overall landscape. Use colors that compliment either the shrubbery or nearby garden. This is an easy way to improve the aesthetic of your yard.

Outdoor Lighting

Lighting is important all year round. They add beauty and charm to any outdoor living space. With a variety of options, outdoor lighting can completely transform your home. Even adding simple rope lights over an outdoor sitting area can improve the ambiance. Landscape lighting is an important element of your outdoor makeover.

Include Ponds, Waterfalls, or Fountains

Adding outdoor water elements will provide a retreat space on warm days. They also create an air of tranquility in your yard. Ponds can be incorporated in a variety of places. Outdoor waterfalls and fountains can be built into hardscaping and act as stand-alone elements.

Take Advantage of Existing Space

It is easy to add a few comfortable outdoor chairs and a table to almost any outdoor living space. Adding some outdoor furniture instantly creates a new spot for outdoor dining and entertaining. Many times, it is finding creative ways to utilizing the existing space.

Connect Your Gardens

If you have several different garden locations, try creating paths between them. Garden walking paths are a unique way to bring your yard together. Paths can come in a variety of styles. From paved paths to stone-lined with railroad ties, you have a lot of options!

Build an Outdoor Room

These are a great extension of your home. Outdoor living rooms give you the comfort of your den with the enjoyment of the outdoors. They can have outdoor fireplaces or even a full kitchen. Outdoor living rooms are the ultimate outdoor living space.

February is a great time to kick off your outdoor makeover. Consider these elements of an outdoor makeover when you begin preparing for warmer weather. If you are looking to have professionals overhaul your yard, contact us today! Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is Atlanta’s landscape design and outdoor living experts. No matter how ambitious your plans are, our team will bring it to life.