Georgia Outdoor Landscape Lighting FAQs

stone backyard living space with fire pit and hardscaping with outdoor surface landscape lighting
When designing the exterior of your home, many people often think of landscaping. However, it is important to incorporate outdoor lighting into your overall landscape design. Outdoor landscape lighting elevates your home with beauty and functionality. Sometimes, all an outdoor living space needs is some landscape lighting for that extra boost. For many homeowners, this part of the design process brings about a variety of questions.
Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces are expert Atlanta landscape lighting designers. Our outdoor lighting contractors understand all aspects of landscape lighting. We answer plenty of questions for our customers, so we wanted to share some landscape lighting FAQs.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting FAQs


1. My home is currently under construction. Is there a specific time that outdoor lighting must be installed or information that my builder needs?

If you plan on having the lights ready to use when you move in, then it is wise to let the contractor know as soon as possible. This way, the electrician will ensure the proper outlets and wiring is installed and functioning. The time frame of installation depends on the stage of the process you are in. It is best to communicate with your builder early in the process.

2. My home is on a narrow lot. Can lights be installed so that they don’t affect my neighbor’s lot?

Luckily, there are a number of options available. . Our lighting designers will assess your home. After an assessment of your property, we determine what type of lights and configuration will work for your space. Exterior lighting designs can be configured to maximize your home. Additionally, they will only light areas that you and the designer choose to.

3. How much extra does adding outdoor landscape lighting add to my energy bill?

The amount varies depending on your design and home. In many cases, the addition of landscape lighting only increases the monthly costs by $8 to $12 per month. By using motion-activated lights, LED, or CFL lighting will reduce the operating costs.

4. What are the most commonly installed lights?

Some of the most common examples of landscape lighting are:
  • Security Lights
  • Wall Lights
  • Post Lights
  • Pendant Lights
  • Deck Lights
  • Accent Lighting
  • Path & Stake Lights
  • Up-Lights & Down-Lights
  • Spotlights

5. Can outdoor lights be installed in paving or wooden structures?

While this can be done, it’s ideal if you let builders/installers know this as soon as possible during the construction process.

6. Can an outdoor lighting timer be used?

Yes! Lighting timers can be set up with your lights. Having a timer not only lets you control the timing of the lights but also what areas of your yard are illuminated at each time. Lighting timers can also help control the operating costs of your lights. By setting an on/off timer, your lights will turn on and shut off at the best times.

7. Are outdoor lights weatherproof?

As long as the proper lightbulbs are installed, yes. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces will work with you to find the right lights for your scenario.

8. Do I need to have a lighting plan before meeting with you?

No! Our team works with you to come up with a plan. We have a team of knowledgeable outdoor lighting designers who turn your yard into a well-lit work of art.
Outdoor lighting is a sophisticated way to add beauty and style to your outdoor living space. Our team knows the value of outdoor lighting. We work with you to incorporate these lights into your yard in a way that focuses on all your favorite features. Contact us today if you have additional questions about outdoor lighting or if you would like to schedule a design consultation.