Creating the Most Out of a Small Backyard

small backyard wooden pergola with swing by stone fire pit and stone bench and table

Everyone has their own personal dream backyard and it differs for everyone. However, everyone has a vision for how they want their outdoor living space to look. Many people may not have as large of a backyard as their ideal landscaping vision allows. While having a small backyard may seem like an obstacle to having your dream space, it actually opens a new world of possibilities. A key thing to focus on with small outdoor living spaces is that you can have a much more intimate setting. Small backyards allow for romantic evenings for two, fun nights outside with family and friends, or a quiet place to decompress after a long day. There are many ways that a small outdoor living space can be turned into your perfect oasis with some creative elements. Here are some ideas when refreshing your landscape design for small backyards.

Landscape Design for Small Backyards

Patio Design

Just because you have a small backyard does not mean that your patio or porch should suffer. Consider the type of floors you want, whether or not you want it screened in or open. Also, consider if you want it to be for more quiet activities such as reading or for intimate group events. Since you want your patio to reflect a certain style, you need to consider what style of patio you want. It’s best to decide the basics such as flooring and style first before you decide what other qualities you would like your living space to have.

Fire Pit

Having a backyard fire pit as the focal point of your outdoor living space serves many purposes. Not only is it a conversation starter, but it serves as a visual centerpiece. They are also a great way to keep you and your guests warm when it’s cooler outside. Fire pits can come in many different aesthetic styles and sizes and can be powered by either gas or coal. They make a great addition to a small backyard and help set the tone you want your living space to give off.

Artful Structures

When you decide on what you want the focal point to be for your outdoor living space. It would be wise to have an artful structure to stand as a frame in your yard. When most people think of artful structures, their minds usually go to pergolas or gazebos. While gazebos are one form of outdoor structures, your choices are only limited by your imagination. Those who fear that these kinds of structures will make your backyard feel enclosed should not worry. There are many styles that frame your living space but also leave it feeling open. To pick the right backyard structure for your home, consult with a professional landscape designer.

Small Fountains

The typical image of a fountain is a very ornate piece that takes up a large amount of space. But with the right fountain, a small backyard living area can be a very tranquil ode to nature. While a fountain doesn’t serve as a very good centerpiece, it does serve as a great conversation starter and aesthetic. Also, fountains can double as a birdbath which can be a great way to teach your children about nature.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape lighting can help brighten any small space and make it seem larger. It also is a key factor in setting the tone for your living area. Dimmer lights are excellent for when you can’t decide if you want brighter or softer lights. There has been a recent upsurge in specialty outdoor lighting ranging from floor to overhead. Homeowners can even choose a certain aesthetic of light bulb and color temperature. If your outdoor living space seems to be missing something, consider new backyard lighting to create a warmer space.  

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