Hardscaping Installation

Hardscaping adds character to your home and can change your outdoor lifestyle. Our talented team can create unique customizations that will make your yard look and feel complete. Using the best quality stone and pavers, hardscaping accents complement your landscape and can be matched to suit your lifestyle and design preferences. Whether it’s a patio, stone walkway, or custom fireplace, we can bring your vision to life!


stone backyard patio living space with colorful landscaping

Our Simple Process: Consult, Design, Build, Satisfy!

We take a thorough approach to crafting your personalized design by carefully examining every detail of your space. We meticulously map out both the current layout and the envisioned landscape and outdoor living area, enabling us to plan your design with precision while providing you with a clear visualization of the final project. Moreover, we curate a selection of plants, trees, and landscape lighting that will beautifully complement your property. We take pleasure in involving our customers in the hardscape design process, encouraging their active participation.

Our Hardscape Design Services

stone backyard living space with hardscape design

Stone Pathways & Walkways: We expertly design and construct stone pathways and walkways to create visually appealing and useful routes throughout your outdoor space. These walkways not only improve the beauty of the area but also provide convenience and accessibility.

Patios: Our team specializes in creating welcoming and practical patios that act as an extension of your living area. We personalize the patio to your requirements, whether you want a secluded nook or a large entertainment area, assuring you a comfortable and joyful outside experience.

Stone & Brick Retaining Walls: We have extensive experience building strong and beautifully pleasing stone and brick retaining walls. These structures serve several functions, including erosion control, establishing levelled zones, and adding dimension and character to your environment.

Concrete Retaining Walls: In addition to stone and brick, we specialize in the construction of long-lasting, well-designed concrete retaining walls. These walls give great soil support and help in the creation of tiered areas, allowing you to make the most of your outdoor space.

Custom Outdoor Fireplaces: We design and build custom outdoor fireplaces that serve as the focal point of your outdoor gathering space. We can bring your idea to life, bringing warmth, atmosphere, and utility to your outdoor living space, whether you like a rustic stone design or a sleek modern aesthetic.

Concrete Pavers: Our staff is experienced in installing concrete pavers, which are versatile and long-lasting. These pavers may be used to make roads, pathways, or patio areas, providing limitless design options.

Native Stone Pavers: We also deal with native stone pavers, which give your outdoor space a natural and organic look. These pavers are acquired locally and carefully chosen to mix well with the surrounding surroundings.

Outdoor Makeover: Hardscape Design Services

Hardscaping Installation for Stunning Outdoor Makeovers

If you’re looking for a landscaping company that delivers exceptional Hardscape Design Services in Atlanta, Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces’ professional designers can turn any outdoor space into an oasis.





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