Making the Most of Your Pool Time

backyard stone pool with water fall feature, iron fence, and hardscaping

The first day of summer is officially upon us and that means unlimited pool time! It’s a known fact that pool time is the most popular summertime activity for all age groups during the summer. And with the Atlanta heat being particularly scorching this summer, a pool is the perfect outdoor living space accessory.

While the pool is a popular summer activity, homeowners might ask if there is anything they can do to enhance their pool experience. The answer is absolutely! There are lots of creative ways to make the most of your pool area.

Enhancing Your Summer Pool Area

Step one: Add extra water features. Adding water features, such as a small waterfall or water jets, can enhance the atmosphere for your outdoor living space. A waterfall not only enhances the aesthetic of your pool, but also creates a feeling of being in a more tropical setting than in your own backyard. It’s also been proven that the sounds of nature, i.e. running water, can reduce bodily stress.

Step two: If you’re wanting your pool area to be less traditional, add stone walls and pathways around the pool. Hardscaping can create a more natural atmosphere. Stone and rock walls have become more popular in outdoor construction. This is due to the fact that it’s a simple design that can add depth and character to any outdoor living space. The more you incorporate nature into your pool area, the less it will appear man-made and you’ll be able to escape from everyday life more thoroughly.

Step three: While hot summer days may call for a jump in a cold swimming pool, some may be more inclined to enjoy the warm jets of a jacuzzi. A jacuzzi has the added benefit of water jets which are good for sore muscles and ideal for relaxation time. With the proper construction team, a jacuzzi can be incorporated into the floor of your outdoor living space. It can provide you and your guests with the sauna-like steam from the hot water. Like a sauna, the heat from a jacuzzi causes you to sweat out toxins, reducing stress in the body.

Step four: The perfect addition to any pool party is of course music. Adding an outdoor stereo system to play music can be the cherry on top of a perfect summer get together. If you’re afraid of a stereo system disrupting the “natural escape” that you want your pool to provide for you and your guests, you needn’t worry. Many stereo systems can be routed through your outdoor living space. That way, there’s no sign of actual technical equipment.

At Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, our Atlanta landscape designers are fully equipped to bring out the best in your pool area. From pool area landscaping to enhancing existing features, our experts are here to make the most of your summer living space. Check out our gallery and contact us today to begin construction on your dream swimming pool!