Outdoor Football Party: Making Use of Your Outdoor Living Space

planning an outdoor football party this fall

For many, nothing says fall like enjoying a game of football with friends and family. With lower humidity and temperatures, now is the best time to enjoy your backyard living space. Nowadays, it is very easy to put a TV outdoors to watch games. Outdoor football parties are a great way to make use of your outdoor living space. Hosting friends, neighbors, or just your family in your backyard makes for a great fall activity. If you are going to have an outdoor football party this fall, here are some tips to make the most of it!

Tips for Throwing a Fall Outdoor Football Party 

Start Preparation Early

Just like your favorite team, you need to prepare! Create your game plan and include several pre-party items. Start collecting items you will need a week or two before the party. Pillows, team memorabilia, throw blankets, drink koozies, serving tools, plates, and a good cooler are essentials. Pick these items out in advance so you don’t miss anything on game day. If you are grilling or cooking out, make sure to have items like spatulas, working tongs, and non-stick grill spray as well. Many of these items come in your favorite team colors, so keep that in mind! If you plan to make this a weekly event, consider investing in a high-quality, large cooler. If you plan to have a backyard fire in your fire pit or fireplace, pick up plenty of dry and seasoned firewood!

Check Out the Equipment

Well before guests arrive, start checking out all your backyard equipment. Ensure your TV is connected to the cable and you have a signal. If your grill uses a propane tank, make sure you have plenty of gas. It is also a good idea to keep at least one full spare tank on hand. Light the grill burners to confirm they are working. This is also a great time to clean the grill. Later in the season, outdoor heaters are great for cold nights. Make sure your outdoor heaters light and provide enough heat. Inspect your fireplace to make sure the chimney is clear and clean out old ashes. If you have outdoor lighting, test everything out and make sure you won’t have any dark areas come evening.

Clean Up Your Living Space

Take some time to clean up the living space and landscape. Clean off any seats or cushions. Use a broom or leaf blower to remove debris from the area. If there has been recent rain, make sure everything has had an opportunity to dry out. Remove any sticks or landscape items that may cause a tripping hazard as well.

Don’t Forget Extra Seats

Make sure you have plenty of seating for your guests. Extra chairs are always great to have on hand. With plenty of seating options, your guests can spread out and enjoy the entire living space. This makes your yard feel much larger and enjoyable.

Plan Your Party Menu

This can be thought to be the most important aspect of hosting an outdoor football party this fall. If your outdoor living space has a grill or outdoor kitchen, you have a lot of flexibility. Traditional options include burgers, hot dogs, wings, or even BBQ. Consider making a grilled pizza for something unique and different. Additionally, make sure to have plenty of snacks like chips and salsa or your favorite dip. Nachos are always a great option for guests! Also, don’t forget the cold drinks! Have plenty of water, sodas, and other beverages in coolers covered in ice. One good tip is to use two separate coolers. This way, you can separate non-alcoholic drinks from items like beer and wine. Buy plenty of bags of ice to keep the drinks nice and cold!

Making the Most of Your Outdoor Living Space this Fall

Now that you have a game plan set, it is time to get to work. By preparing for your fall outdoor football party, you can ensure there won’t be any fumbles! Get ready ahead of time so you can sit back and enjoy the game when your guests arrive. If you are ready to build an outdoor living space that is perfect for fall entertaining, contact us today! Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces specializes in designing and building high-quality outdoor living areas.