Pros and Cons: Fire pits and Fireplaces

Fire features are the trendiest element in Atlanta’s backyards. Outdoor Makeover completed over 160 fire pits and fireplaces in 2013 alone, that is a lot of happy families. Fire features are a patio’s companion even the most magnificent patios could seem incomplete without the right fire features, a lot of your home event could use the excitement too, I have been invited to many clients’ parties after the landscape installation and the after the kitchen, the fire pit was the most sought after hangout place for guests. Fire pits allow you and your family to go outside and gives you something to do. It is an inexpensive way of entertaining everyone. Many of our clients who categorize themselves as “outdoorsy people” often find out that keeping a large group of people outside takes more than a book. They need an activity to keep their minds happy and entertained. Why are they so popular among for landscapes in Atlanta? Atlanteans enjoy a balanced four seasons of weather, in spring and fall and some winter nights, it is most relaxing. We don’t have to travel far in a campground to gather with family members. No more packing, scheduling, and headache. Our designers can design a fire feature in your backyard, on your patio, to maximize spatial accommodations to your lifestyle. At any time of the day and for any occasion you could enjoy a safe fire right in your backyard. We strive to design fire features in specifics location in respect to your home, to bestow access to them with minimal effort. For example, we place fireplaces on decks right outside your living space or on a patio which are attached to main access to the backyard through basement or deck stairs. On the other hand, some homes require a placement of the fire pit or fireplaces further away in a natural area of the property especially if there are lakes, creek, or really nice site at the end of the property.   Benefits of fireplaces They are more elegant hence attribute much more to the aesthetics of the overall backyard. Carefully designed fireplaces will maximize the enjoyment of natural wood and provides extra safety to the experience as it contains the flame with three surrounding walls. Only heat radiates and not the smoke which rises through the chimney and less likely to get in your eyes and lungs. It provides a place for a TV and decorations on the hearth. We could build a wood compartment build in to the fireplace. It could burn gas or wood. Fireplaces are more expensive than a fire pit and with three walls around the opening it limits how m any people can sit around it. Unless it is a double sided fireplace.   Benefits of fire pits The cost is much less ($1500-$3000) depending on the model and type of stone. It seats many people who can sit around 360 degrees. It is small usually around 5 feet in diameter. It provides a seat and can be turned into a table for people to sit around it. It could be gas burning or wood burning. It provides a natural camping experience without the hassle. It is great for big family.   Disadvantages of a fire pit It takes a minimum of 150 sq ft a patio so the patio must be bigger to accommodate outdoor tables. If its wood burning the smoke could potentially bother you and your clothes may smell like campfire. It does not provide the height to a landscape like a fireplace would.


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