Benefits of Proper Landscape Drainage

front yard with stone landscape water drainage design

Over the past year, it seems like the remnants of a hurricane or tropical storm come through every week! This produces a significant amount of rain. Heavy rain is one of the most damaging weather events for homeowners in metro-Atlanta. Flooding and landscape erosion are expensive issues to correct. This is why homeowners should understand how important landscape drainage is. By installing landscape drainage in your Atlanta home, you can prevent thousands of dollars in damage to your home. The team at Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces are Atlanta’s landscape drainage experts. Here are some benefits of installing landscape drainage in your yard.

The Importance of Landscape Drainage

Protect Your Home’s Foundation

If water does not have a proper place to go, it will often run to the lowest point of the yard. Oftentimes, this is the foundation of your home. By not properly draining water that collects outdoors, your home will most likely face some sort of water damage. Water damage can be one of the most extensive and expensive forms of damage to your home. Installing landscape drainage is one of the best ways to protect your home.

Stop Mold and Mildew

Nothing ruins a party better than mold and mildew build-up. Mold can cause problems in your home’s foundation and internal structure. It can even cause health problems for you and your family. Mold requires moisture to grow and it spreads quickly. Proper drainage solutions allow areas to completely dry out. This prevents mold and mildew from growing and taking over your home.

Prevent Bugs and Termite Damage

Many homeowners don’t realize that the reason they have bugs around their house is due to moisture. Many bugs, such as mosquitoes, live and breed in standing water. Termites are also attracted to moisture and can cause extensive damage to a home. Through proper yard drainage and pest control, you can save a lot of money and create a more comfortable outdoor living space.

Minimize Erosion

Erosion is caused by water moving the materials in the ground. Heavy rain can cause a significant amount of water to flow through your yard. As this happens, soil and other materials are washed away. This can cause damage to your lawn, plants, and even cause water to flow into your home. Proper landscape drainage will prevent erosion by directing water through designated channels.

Prevent Stagnant Water

Whereas water will flow to the lowest natural spot, it is not rare for the collected moisture to remain stagnant in one specific area. If water remains stagnant and does not drain or dry, this can cause flooding the next time it rains. Even mild flooding can cause severe damage to your outdoor landscape and home.

Install and Maintain Drain Boxes

If your home already has a yard drainage system installed, you most likely have drain boxes. Drain boxes, or catch basins, collect rainwater, and transport it through underground drainpipes. The drain box has a grate on top of it. If leaves or debris accumulate, the drain box can get clogged and prevent proper water flow. Clogged drain boxes can create a flooding hazard during heavy rain downpours. Keep the drain box grates clean so your drainage system can efficiently remove water.

Importance of Installing Landscape Drainage

Whether you are preventing these problems or facing them, the first step is to look for a stable drainage system. The importance of landscape drainage cannot be understated. By installing a yard drainage system, you can rest easy knowing your yard is protected from water damage. If you are ready for a custom-built landscape drainage system, contact our drainage experts today. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces understand the importance of keeping your home safe from flooding. Our experts will evaluate all potential flooding hazards and will design a custom drainage solution for your home. We have been protecting homeowners from flooding since 2001.