Unique Ideas for Your Outdoor Space this Summer

green plastic slide in fenced in backyard

As June approaches, it is time to start thinking about outdoor activities. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the warm weather outdoors with family and friends. When it comes to backyard living, grilling out and swimming are some of the first activities to come to mind. But there are other great activities to enjoy in your backyard. With the help of Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, we can create a backyard that has something for everyone. Here are some unique ideas to incorporate into your backyard living space for summer.

Unique Backyard Ideas for Summer

Backyard putting greens

backyard putting green surrounded by short and tall trees
Backyard putting greens provide endless entertainment and practice opportunities. A personal backyard putting green is the perfect way to spend warmer days. They are a fantastic way of bringing together friends and family to enjoy your outdoor space. Artificial turf can be used to create your outdoor putting green. Artificial turf gives you the look and the feel of real grass, without any of the troublesome upkeep and maintenance. This allows you to enjoy golfing with no hassle. Backyard putting greens can be incorporated into your existing outdoor space. They can even be modeled after your favorite golf course!

Summer play area for your kids

It can be hard to keep the kids entertained when they are out of school for the summer. That is why incorporating a play area in the comfort of your backyard is a great idea. We can bring the park to your backyard by building a safe play area that includes a swing set, climbing tires, sandbox, and more!

Yoga/meditation garden

Are you trying to carve out a quiet place in your garden to practice yoga, meditate, or just relax? You can incorporate a yoga/meditation garden using a patio, deck or platform to get grounded. A water feature can be incorporated into your oasis by introducing a small fountain or waterfall to create the sound of running water. This can have a calming effect and mask other noises, perfect for any meditation garden. Stepping stones or a bridge can be a beautiful addition to your yoga/meditation garden in your outdoor space as well. We can create a peaceful place for you to relax right in your own backyard.

Unique outdoor kitchens and bars

Who doesn’t love grilling out and having a cold beverage on a hot summer day? Outdoor kitchen and bar areas help you mix up some entertainment in your backyard. We can design and build your outdoor kitchen to meet your needs. From a simple grilling area to a full kitchen complete with a stove and appliances of your choice. Keep your bar and kitchen area cool by topping it off with a pergola-style roof to block some of the sun’s harsh rays. Misting systems can be a great add-on for your outdoor kitchen, especially during the hot summer days. With a misting system in your outdoor kitchen area, you can cook and make drinks while keeping cool! Building an outdoor pizza oven can also bring delicious pizzas to your home with a fun activity for the family.

When it comes to building a unique backyard for summer, the possibilities are endless! That is if work with the right team. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces are backyard living experts. We build unique and beautiful outdoor living spaces for Atlanta homeowners. If you are ready to begin constructing your summer outdoor living space, contact our team today!