Using Landscaping to Hide Your AC Unit, or Other Unsightly Yard Elements

green vines and purple flowers growing on and hiding wooden fence

It comes with the territory. Owning a home in Georgia means part of the landscape includes an air conditioning unit. Rarely is that AC unit an attractive part of the landscape. Furthermore, many homes also have an above-ground tank for gas heating. This means you now have 2 unsightly elements in your landscape that you cannot move to a new location. You may be asking yourself, “how do I hide an AC unit or gas tank?” If you find yourself dealing with a landscape eyesore in your yard, don’t despair. There are creative landscaping design methods to hide an AC unit or other unattractive items.

5 Landscaping Methods to Hide an AC Unit or Other Element

The two most common items homeowners want to hide are the air conditioning unit and the gas tank. Each of these are essential items, but that doesn’t mean they are pretty. Here are some ideas to hide them while still allowing them to be functional and accessible.

Use a Screen, Trellis, Section of Fencing or Lattice

These items are easy to install and set up. They hide the outdoor units while also providing access for maintenance tasks. Dress it up with easy to maintain plants. Vines, climbing roses, or other vegetation will grow up the sides of the area. This will not only hide the AC unit, but it will also make it a beautiful element of your yard.

Build a Box Over the AC Unit

Whether using lattice boards, stained deck boards, or upgrading pallets, this is one of the easiest ways to turn the ugly box into a work of art. You can design the box to be 5-sided so you can lift it up and access the AC unit, or put a hinged door on it to make access easy. Whatever you decide, you have now hidden that ugly metal unit.

Large Moveable Pottery

Placing large items, like pottery, is a strategic and easy way to hide AC units. Plant bright colored flowers or elegant grass to obscure the view. Pottery is moveable and allows easy access. Change the plants in the pottery based upon the season.

Create a Windbreak with Shrubbery

There are many types of shrubbery that are perfect for hiding your AC unit or tank year-round. And as an added bonus, they will protect your air conditioner unit from severe weather. Be sure to leave a couple of feet between the width of the plants and the AC unit and that it is accessible on at least one side. Plants that lend themselves well to this are boxwoods, cypress, cedar, and spruce.

Have a Gravel Garden

Want low or no maintenance? Consider a gravel or rock garden. Both the tank and AC unit are typically set up on bricks, so simply spread gravel around them. Finish off the space with edging stones for a tailored finish. You can add a splash of color with a garden within the rocked area. Plant low maintenance plants around the area that require little water. Pair them with decorative rocks or even a pondless fountain.

With a few easy landscape design ideas, you can easily hide an AC unit or gas tank in your yard. These tips can be used to hide a variety of other items in your yard. If you have unsightly elements in your yard, covering them with unique landscaping will increase the appeal and value of your home. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces can help you hide an AC unit in a beautiful way. Contact us today if you would like to get started on your outdoor makeover for your yard