Helping Our Community: Donating Consultation Vouchers to Nonprofits

At Outdoor Makeovers & Living Spaces – #1 award-winning landscape design company, we believe in the power of charity and giving back to our community. Our Atlanta neighbors have regularly proven their commitment to NGO and nonprofit organizations whose goals align with their values and beliefs. To contribute even more towards the welfare of our society, we are delighted to announce our initiative of Donating Consultation Vouchers to Nonprofits to organizations selected by our clients.

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Our Charity Principles

We believe in charity because we know that vibrant communities are founded on mutual support and collaboration. And we are extremely thankful for our clients’ continuous faith and patronage, which allows us to share our success and give to worthwhile organizations. We hope to develop a sense of community responsibility and urge others to join us in making a difference by providing these Standard Consultation Vouchers to NGOs.

What We Offer With Donating Consultation Vouchers to Nonprofits

Nonprofits can auction off these helpful standard consultation vouchers, each priced at $500, to raise much-needed funds. We’ve found that these consultations often produce between $250 and $400 in revenue for the beneficiary organization. While we donate our time and expertise to Atlantan, our designers love the gratification from serving others.It truly creates a win-win situation.

Join Us Make a Difference

We invite you to join us on this path of giving back to our community, whether you are a prospective nonprofit recipient, a valued customer, or a like-minded individual wishing to support a cause. By collaborating with Outdoor Makeover, you will be a part of a caring effort to support organizations in such critical work, therefore making Atlanta a better place for everyone. For more information, mail us at