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DeKalb County, located inside the Atlanta metropolitan region, is the fourth-most populated county, with a diversified population. The county, which has a population of over 700,000 people, has a variety of attractions, including prominent landmarks such as Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and the Atlanta VA Medical Center. Stone Mountain Park, Dunwoody Nature Center, and the Fernbank Science Center are popular destinations for nature lovers. The county is home to the Callanwolde Fine Arts Center and the Michael C. Carlos Museum for people interested in arts and culture. Furthermore, DeKalb Peachtree Airport serves as an important regional transportation hub.

At Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces, we offer our professional landscaping services in DeKalb County. Our team of highly skilled landscapers create gorgeous landscapes that exceed our clients’ expectations, with years of expertise and a love for enhancing outdoor environments. We take pride in our attention to detail, innovation, and commitment to producing great results from concept to implementation. We approach each task with excitement and professionalism, ensuring that every part of the landscaping process is thoroughly planned and handled. We believe in the ability of well-designed & Luxury Landscaping in DeKalb County to improve the beauty, usefulness, and overall pleasure of any property.



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Sean Miller
Sean Miller
In short we had an amazing experience. Jonathan, Bruce, and Oscar did an amazing job with the all of the details and the final design and the build exceeded our every expectations. They did an excellent communicating (and listening) to every question and modification. We are really happy we trusted the recommendations as each time our expectations were exceeded. We are now enjoying our backyard for years to come and worth every penny. Note: We we so happy with the work we kept adding new projects.
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor
Chuck Shopovick was very professional and took great care of our outdoor patio needs at a very fair price!
Nikki Kaminskas
Nikki Kaminskas
Our entire experience with Outdoor Makeover has been fantastic. Starting with the design through implementation. Chuck and Antonio were incredible. They were very responsive and easy to communicate with they also were so knowledgeable throughout the project in bringing not only our design to life but even better!
Janet Haburchak
Janet Haburchak
The quality of work and overall experience were superb. OM again exceeded our expectations. Kasey's artistic design was remarkable. Chuck's executive qualities were outstanding. Antonio delivered an exemplary product. Highly recommend OM.
Erica Sperduto
Erica Sperduto
The Outdoor Makeover team was great. We had our side yard and back yard regraded and drainage fixed and a lot of overgrowth and vines removed. We also had multiple types of fencing put in various places in our yard. Daulton and Oscar were with us every step- Oscar’s team took my near-daily adjustments in stride and problem solved with my husband and me when one fence didn’t look quite how we wanted it to. Daulton was available via phone immediately and always willing to work with me to find the exact match for what I wanted when I needed to adjust something. They gave me a proposed timeline of 2.5 weeks, but finished in 2. I am very satisfied with how our yard turned out.
Rami Mouad
Rami Mouad
Jonathan, Daulton and Oscar did a fantastic job on my property. It was a relatively small job but they made me feel it was a number one priority throughout the process - from initial consultation until final walkthrough I was in great hands. I especially appreciated the professionalism and responsiveness. Highly recommend!
Jonathan Bonchak
Jonathan Bonchak
Jonathan and Daulton did a fantastic job on a project that involved installing new stone stairs and altering the drainage plan at my home. They were extremely thorough in their proposal, as well as knowledgeable and professional. I obtained multiple quotes for this project and their price was competitive and fair. They kept me updated with daily progress. I highly recommend them.
Lindsey & George Evagoras
Lindsey & George Evagoras
We are blown away with our results from Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces. We had a monster of a job. We needed fencing, major grading and landscaping, we needed to replace a 30 year old rotten deck, add and replace several retaining walls, remove trees, and add lighting. Originally met with our designer Jon who came to our house and had some incredible ideas for our space. He was extremely knowledgeable, listened to our wants and needs and created a design within our budget. (Something several other companies failed to deliver, with outlandish quotes for minimal work). After nailing the design with Jon, we worked with our Project Manager Daulton and Foreman Oscar who executed the design perfectly. They were thorough yet quick. Even adjusting to several last minute changes we made. They were all extremely professional and communicative. Right off the bat they created a group chat with all parties involved so everyone was on the same page with every step of the project. Updates were provided with detailed videos and photos. Anytime I messaged the group thread responses were extremely prompt. Again, I can’t thank Jon, Daulton, Oscar and team enough for their hard work. The results are unbelievable (pictures to come). I love that we were able to work with 1 company to accomplish all of our needs. I would highly recommend them. I can’t believe we were able to get our dream backyard in such a quick amount of time.
Bill Wilkins
Bill Wilkins
I had a vision of what my backyard could be, and I described it to Bruce. He went way beyond what my mind could imagine and designed the most beautiful backyard in this side of Cobb County! Neighbors and friends come over and brag about how beautiful the backyard is! It was great working with John, and watching the expert Yovani so great work. Bruce has a passion about beautification and I’m so happy to have found Outdoor Makeover! I highly recommend them!
Robert Pittman
Robert Pittman
Contracted a big project to build an outdoor kitchen and covered patio. Some things initially weren’t built quite right but they stood behind their work and made it right in pretty short order. Our project manager, Chuck, was a great communicator and very reasonable throughout the project. Geraldo did all the plumbing, electrical and carpentry and was an expert at his many crafts. He was also very helpful in mocking up certain aesthetics to help my wife visualize the final product. Finally, the sales rep, Jonathan, was very diligent in his communication and follow up as we ironed out details and scope of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

In DeKalb County, spring and fall are often the finest seasons for landscaping since the weather is warm and ideal for planting and developing new landscapes. Remember, best landscape design companies always have a backlog so plan ahead. Other things that you should take into consideration are:

  • Avoid starting during extreme heat or freezing temperatures.
  • Do consider the local climate and plant-specific requirements to determine the best time for your landscape project.

For more details, you can contact us directly.

The time it takes to construct a landscape design varies according to the project’s complexity and the designer’s availability. It might take one to several weeks.

On Average, a small/medium standard residential landscape project can take approximately up to 2-6 weeks from the walkthrough to completion but it is always challenging to provide a specific time frame without knowing the exact details of your landscape project as it depends on various factors, such as weather conditions, complexity, available resources, any external constraints, and the specific nature of the project.

  • Designer: Work closely with you to design a luxury space that reflects your style.
  • Project Manager: Oversee every aspect of the project and streamline the process efficiently.
  • Office project manager: Handle administrative tasks, coordinate logistics to ensure a seamless project execution.
  • Vendors: Supply high-quality material, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Foreman: Lead the construction team, supervising the installation process.
  • Installers: Deliver expert craftsmanship and efficient installation of various features.
  • Completion on time: Finish your project within the agreed timeline.
  • One year warranty: Providing peace of mind and ensuring customer satisfaction with our workmanship.

Native plants and low-maintenance varieties are often the easiest to maintain. Xeriscapes, which use drought-resistant plants, are also low-maintenance options. Xeriscape landscapes can significantly reduce water consumption while still creating beautiful and functional outdoor spaces.

For more information, visit Outdoor Makeover

yes and no.in DeKalb County, you usually need permission to take down more than 5 trees on your property, especially if they are large trees. Regulations may differ, so check with your local government.

Native plants that are well-suited to the local climate are often preferred for their adaptability and lower maintenance requirements.

Some common types of plants include:

  • Southern Magnolia: Known for its large, glossy leaves and beautiful, fragrant white flowers.
  • Dogwood: A popular ornamental tree with showy spring flowers and colorful fall foliage.
  • Crepe Myrtle: A small to medium-sized tree with vibrant, long-lasting blooms in various colors.
  • Azaleas: These flowering shrubs come in numerous colors and are a staple in many Southern landscapes.
  • Liriope: A low-maintenance ground cover with grass-like foliage and spikes of purple or white flowers.
  • Georgia Blue Veronica:A perennial with vibrant blue flowers that adds color to flower beds.
  • Japanese Maple: A stunning ornamental tree with delicate, colorful leaves.
  • Salvia: There are several varieties of Salvia that thrive in the area, offering colorful flowers and attracting pollinators.
  • Daylilies: These perennials produce beautiful flowers in a wide range of colors.
  • Hostas: Hardy and attractive foliage plants that work well as ground covers or in shady areas.

some popular choices for front yard flower beds include:

  • Annual flowers like petunias, marigolds, and pansies for seasonal color.
  • Perennials such as daylilies, lantana, and lavender for long-lasting beauty.
  • Shrubs like roses or hydrangeas for added structure and appeal.

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Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is properly insured, has workman’s comp insurance, and holds a General Contractor’s license for decks, porches and roofs.