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Looking to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your backyard? There’s nothing quite like the flickering flames of an outdoor firepit to enhance your outdoor space. Fire Pit Installation is an excellent way to make your backyard cozy, providing a perfect setting to relax and socialize with friends, family, and neighbors. Picture yourself sitting in a circle on your patio, sipping drinks, toasting marshmallows, and enjoying the comforting warmth of a stylish firepit.

If you’re ready to bring this delightful experience to life, consider Outdoor Fire Pit Services in Atlanta to transform your backyard into a cozy retreat.

At Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, our team of experts can turn your vision into reality, no matter what service you require. We follow a straightforward process that includes consultation, design, construction, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our primary objective is to listen to your needs and deliver results that exceed your expectations. With a wide range of outdoor fire feature options available, we will work closely with you to create a design that complements your home’s aesthetics while adding functionality, value, and beauty to your outdoor space.

Benefits of Fire Pits

A custom fire pit is a fantastic addition to your landscape for many reasons, including:

  • Ambience and aesthetics: Fire pits add to the overall appearance of your outdoor space by fostering a cozy and welcoming ambience. You, your family, and your friends may all enjoy the enticing visual element that the flickering flames offer.
  • Social Gathering Space: Fire pits are excellent places for social gatherings since they are inherently conducive to bringing together friends and family. A fire pit offers a nice and comfortable backdrop for conversations and bonding, whether it’s a casual get-together or a major event.
  • Extended Outdoor Living Season: By installing a fire pit, you may use your outdoor area during the cooler months. Being a versatile addition to your landscape, the fire enables you to use your outdoor space even when the weather gets chilly.
  • Cooking and grilling: Since many fire pits are multipurpose, you can prepare food over an open flame with them. Using grilling equipment made for fire pits, you may make elaborate feasts, roast marshmallows, and cook hot dogs.
  • Lighting & Ambience: During evening events, fire pits offer natural lighting, allowing you to enjoy your outside space without exclusively using artificial lighting. The fire’s pleasant glow fosters a warm and personal ambiance.
  • Resale Attractiveness: A fire pit can make your house more appealing to prospective purchasers when you decide to sell, in addition to perhaps raising your property value. It’s a distinguishing quality that has the potential to make a big impression.
  • Family bonding: Fire pits promote spending time together as a family. A fire pit can encourage meaningful interactions, whether it’s through story-telling, game-playing, or just spending time together.
  • Outdoor entertainment: A fire pit can be the center of small parties, movie evenings, or other social activities that take place outside.



Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Belgard-Round

Belgard Round

Belgard round outdoor firepit adds style and functionality to your backyard. Each stone of this round fire pit is made from durable dry cast concrete, creating the ideal long-lasting outdoor centerpiece. Moreover, it offers a tumbled stone look that blends with belgard pavers and retaining wall styles. This not only ensures its longevity, even in outdoor conditions, but also establishes it as the perfect enduring centerpiece for your outdoor space. Its design boasts a charming tumbled stone appearance, seamlessly harmonizing with the existing aesthetics of Belgard pavers and retaining wall styles.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Half-Moon-Stackstone

Half Moon Stackstone

The half moon firepit is an exquisite addition to any outdoor space. They are made of hard rocks such as slate, marble, or granite due to their better heat-resistant. Its unique design features a half-circle shape, allowing for a cozy & intimate atmosphere. Crafted with durable materials, it ensures long-lasting enjoyment & warmth during chilly evenings. This makes it a valuable addition to any outdoor space, enhancing both its visual appeal and its potential for creating memorable moments with loved ones.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Round-Stackstone

Round Stackstone

The round stack-stone firepit is a stylish and functional addition to any outdoor space. Its sleek design and durable construction make it perfect for gatherings and cozy evenings around the fire. Not only does the round stack-stone firepit serve as a source of warmth, but it also provides an opportunity for socializing and creating memorable moments with family and friends. Its circular design encourages a sense of togetherness as people gather around the fire, making it a great addition to backyard parties, barbecues, or simply a quiet evening outdoors.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Square-Stack-Stone

Square Stack Stone

The square stack stone firepit is a true embodiment of rustic charm, offering more than just a functional outdoor feature. With its robust build and enduring design, it stands as a testament to both durability and aesthetics. This firepit isn’t merely a source of warmth; it’s a hub for bringing people together. Its inviting presence sets the stage for intimate gatherings, fostering an atmosphere of relaxation. As the flames dance within its confines, the firepit becomes a focal point, captivating attention and setting the tone for storytelling and shared moments of connection. Beneath the vast canopy of stars, this simple yet timeless addition to the outdoor space transforms into a magical heaven.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Thin-Stack-Tenness

Thin Stack Tennessee

This firepit option combines sleek design with a rustic feel, providing the perfect centerpiece for outdoor gatherings and cozy nights by the fire. Its minimalistic style conveys a contemporary sensibility, and the slight addition of rustic features gives it a cozy, timeless look. This custom firepit promises to provide your outdoor space a special blend of refinement and coziness, whether you’re having exciting get-togethers with friends or spending romantic evenings under the stars. Accept the charm of its dancing flames and allow it to inspire lifelong memories during parties or peaceful hours spent basking in its comforting warmth.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Round-Garden-Rock

Round Garden Rock

The round garden rock firepit adds warmth and ambiance to outdoor spaces. They are made of premium and sturdy simulated rock with flame retardant magnesium oxide, which is strong and durable enough to serve as a heating fire pit. Its natural stone design creates a cozy gathering spot for friends and family. This firepit transforms the surrounding space into a cozy haven, providing a perfect gathering spot where cherished moments can be shared among friends and family. Whether it’s a chilly evening or a starry night, the round garden rock firepit offers a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the outdoors while basking in the soothing glow of the flickering flames.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Modern-Rectangle

Modern Rectangle

The modern rectangle firepit combines sleek design with functionality, creating a stylish outdoor centerpiece perfect for gathering around and enjoying the warmth and ambiance of a crackling fire. The modern rectangular fire pits are now being made of hardscape materials such as stainless steel and granite. Its sleek and attractive design not only captures the essence of modern sensibilities but also serves a functional purpose. As an inviting centerpiece, it beckons gatherings where friends and family can convene, basking in the comforting glow and soothing crackle of a lively fire.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Stucco-Cap-Rectangle

Stucco Cap Rectangle

The stucco cap rectangle fire pit truly captivates with its stunning design and exceptional features. Its allure lies in the meticulous craftsmanship that combines elegance and functionality. The fire pit boasts a tile countertop, a testament to both visual appeal and durability. The intricate tile design not only enhances its aesthetic charm but also provides a practical surface for setting drinks and snacks while enjoying the warmth of the fire. Whether placed on a patio, deck, or in a backyard retreat, this stucco cap rectangle fire pit transforms gatherings into unforgettable moments.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Square-Slab

Square Slab

This Outdoor Fire Pits Design embodies the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetic appeal. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this ingeniously designed slab is set at a height that elegantly reaches up to your knees. This deliberate choice not only ensures your comfort but also promises an immersive experience, enabling you to revel in the mesmerizing dance of the flames from virtually any angle you choose.Whether you’re gathered around with friends and family or simply seeking a tranquil moment of contemplation, it offers a warm and captivating ambiance for everyone to enjoy.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Modern-Lines

Modern Lines

This fire pit features clean lines, sleek surfaces, and an open design for a modern addition to any backyard hangout space. Its minimalist allure is characterized by clean lines that effortlessly complement contemporary aesthetics. The sleek surfaces and thoughtfully designed open structure not only offer a visually appealing element but also provide an inviting focal point for gatherings. The seamless integration of Outdoor Fire Pits Design creates an ambiance that’s both chic and inviting. Whether you’re lounging with friends or seeking solitude under the starlit sky, this fire pit promises to elevate your backyard hangout experience with its understated elegance and timeless appeal.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Linear


With a sleek and contemporary design that effortlessly draws attention, the linear firepit is a smart addition to any outdoor environment. It attracts people for outdoor parties, talks, and moments of relaxation because to its simple design and minimalist appeal. Beyond its visual appeal, the linear firepit performs a practical role by radiating warmth and fostering a cozy atmosphere that entices visitors to stay even when dusk falls. Its expertly made design enhances the surroundings’ aesthetic appeal while also bringing a touch of refinement that goes well with diverse outdoor situations. The linear firepit transforms regular evenings into amazing experiences, as the dancing flames may be seen dancing in either a large backyard or on a modest patio.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Belgard-Rectangle

Belgard Rectangle

The belgard rectangle firepit offers stylish design and functionality, creating a cozy outdoor gathering space for warmth, ambiance, and unforgettable moments. This Back Yard Fire Pit Design made of high-quality materials such as durable concrete, natural stone, or a combination of both. This ensures that the firepit can withstand various weather conditions and the heat generated by the fire. The rectangular shape of the Belgard firepit provides a modern and sleek appearance that complements various outdoor settings. Moreover, Belgard offers a range of options for customization, allowing you to choose the materials, colors, and finishes that match your outdoor décor.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Water-And-Fire-Features

Water and Fire Features

Water and fire features add beauty and intrigue. Water brings tranquility, with flowing sounds and shimmering reflections. Fire provides warmth and vibrancy, with dancing flames that create a cozy atmosphere. The crackling blaze engenders a cozy ambiance that draws people in, inviting them to share in its vibrant embrace. Crafted from a blend of nature’s elements, these features stand as testaments to the captivating beauty that arises when water and fire harmoniously converge.

Outdoor makeover: Fire-Pit-Installation-Fire-Bowls

Fire Bowls

Fire bowls are decorative and functional outdoor features that add both style and warmth to any space. Made from materials like metal, stone, or concrete, these bowls safely contain controlled fires, creating a captivating focal point. With their unique design, these bowls not only enhance the visual allure of any space but also provide a functional source of warmth. Safely enclosing controlled fires within their confines, fire bowls establish a mesmerizing focal point that can transform an ordinary setting into a captivating environment.

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