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Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is the best company In Atlanta for designing outdoor spaces, serving homeowners since 2001. Our creative design team turns any outdoor space into paradise by complementing the existing landscape or starting from scratch to achieve the desired elements in the outdoor area. Throughout our landscape design consultation and build process, we are simultaneously focus on aesthetics, functionality, and longevity. With foundations rooted in biology and engineering, the Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces team ensures each design functions as it should.

Our clients often come to us with clear ideas, while some prefer our creative input during the initial consultation. Regardless of the approach, we make sure to discuss the advantages and drawbacks of each concept.

Recognizing that design is a matter of personal taste, we blend our expertise, professional training, and creativity with your outdoor space and preferences, resulting in the creation of a stunning outdoor environment.


We care a lot about the details. We pick the right plants and materials carefully to make sure everything looks great and serves its purpose. What makes us special is that we believe there’s no single formula for design. It’s a blend of being creative and practical.

At every step, we make sure our designs are built to last. We want the outdoor spaces we create to get even better as time goes on. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is known for making gardens, courtyards, and outdoor areas that are not just nice to look at, but also make you feel good. As we bring together art and skill, our promise stays strong – to make outdoor spaces that match what you want and add happiness to your life every day. From the start to the finish, we guide each project with your vision in mind. Our company isn’t just a name; it shows how the outdoors can become a place where dreams come true.

We offer three different landscape design consultation options

Standard Hand-Drawn, 3D Rendering, and Autocad. Choose your consultation and let’s getstarted turning your dreams into reality!

Outdoor Makeover: standard


$500 $99

(Will be covered in the project cost)

Our Standard Consultation includes a 2-hour appointment with our Landscape Designer and you will receive a hand-drawn sketch to show our plans for your yard improvements.

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Outdoor Makeover: 3D-rendring

3D Rendering


(Will be covered in the project cost)

This is a popular design add-on to show life-size and real-world renderings of a project to more accurately portray what a realistic view of your yard could look like – get a real perspective for the whole design in 3D renderings.

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Autocad Design


(Will be covered in the project cost)

Another design add-on option is a technical 2D drawing of your project by designing Autocad plans. These are often requested for HOA approvals. These plans show technical specs and measurements with proportional scaling.

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Outdoor makeover: Home-Consult


Each project at Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces begins with a symphony of listening and understanding. We pay close attention to our clients, immersing ourselves in their hopes and dreams. We find the essence of their outdoor dreams via heartfelt interactions, building a genuine relationship. We cooperate to create bespoke solutions that resonate with the distinctive spirit of each location, using a palette of ideas and possibilities at our disposal.

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Outdoor makeover: Home-Design


This is where your vision takes shape. Our standard consultation unfolds like a meticulously written score, with a hand-drawn makeover plan revealing the first notes of your outdoor makeover. For customers looking for a more detailed glimpse, we provide 3D renderings or Autocad designs. Your dreams take shape here, and the garden of your imagination takes root.

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Outdoor makeover: Home-Build


Before starting work on the project, our landscape designers will carefully prepare the area. They will take their time and follow proven techniques to ensure that the installation is done correctly. Our diversified team interacts effortlessly under the leadership of our expert engineers and devoted project managers. We combine passion and professionalism to make your aspirations a beautiful reality. Each project is a masterpiece, handcrafted with precision and attention to ensure that your vision is realized in every facet of your outdoor space.

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Outdoor makeover: Home-Satisfy


We prioritize quality from your first contact with our office to the moment you enjoy your beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. In this last step, we will arrange for a final walkthrough with you to ensure you are satisfied with the results. Your lovely, efficient outdoor areas are a monument to our dedication to creating an outstanding and harmonious experience for you, our valued client. Moreover, we use WhatsApp to communicate in a timely and efficient manner. They can reach the designer, project manager, and crew with any questions and get input from everyone involved with their project.

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For your yard redesign, our standard consultation package provides a thorough beginning point. You’ll have the chance to work with one of our highly-trained Design Experts during your session. They have a wealth of experience in outdoor area development, landscaping, and creative problem-solving. Depending on the situation, we might even be able to produce hand-drawn sketches right there in the client’s office. These sketches provide your project a basic visual representation.

During the consultation, our Design Expert will engage in a comprehensive discussion with you to understand your vision, preferences, and any specific requirements you have for your yard. We believe in a collaborative approach, highly valuing your input and ideas throughout the entire process.

Outdoor Makeover: luongo-residence-landscape-development-plan

Our Expert will also assess the layout, existing vegetation, lighting, and potential focal points to determine how best to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of your outdoor space. This information forms the foundation upon which your personalized yard transformation plan will be built. Whether you’re looking for a tranquil garden, a vibrant entertainment area, or a harmonious blend of both, our team is committed to tailoring our expertise to suit your unique desires. With our standard consultation package, you’re not just getting a landscape consultation – you’re embarking on a journey to turn your yard into a captivating and functional extension of your living space.

Benefits of Standard Landscape Design:
  • Quick and direct communication with our experienced Design Experts.
  • On-site sketches may be available for immediate visualization.
  • A cost-effective option to kickstart your outdoor makeover project.
  • Save time by leveraging expert insights.
  • Personalized suggestions from professionals.
  • Clear scope of your project upfront and design process.
Outdoor Makeover: 3D-Rendering-Design-gallery-8
3D Rendering:

Our 3D Rendering option is ideal if you’re seeking a more realistic experience. Your yard remodel concept comes to life with these high-end design options’ lifelike three-dimensional renderings. You may view your future yard from every angle thanks to the diligent work of our talented designers who create an accurate virtual picture of your project.

With this advanced approach, your envisioned yard transformation is brought to life with stunning clarity and depth. Through the meticulous efforts of our skilled designers, who painstakingly craft every detail, you’ll be able to explore and examine your future yard from every conceivable angle.

This immersive experience not only helps you understand how every element will come together but also provides a captivating preview of the final outcome, ensuring your project is both precisely planned and aesthetically pleasing.

Benefits of Standard Landscape Design:
  • Realistic and detailed visualizations that showcase the project’s potential.
  • Efficient communication of design ideas.
  • Enhanced understanding of design aspects before construction begins.
  • In-depth exploration of how different elements come together in your outdoor space.
  • Identification of design flaws or issues early in the process.
  • Flexibility to experiment with various design variations.
Autocad Design:

Our Autocad Design option offers a sophisticated response for customers seeking precision and technical accuracy. This Landscape Design Consultation option uses Autocad software to produce a thorough and dimension-aware plan. These plans act as a useful tool for both you and our construction crew, enabling a precise and unambiguous execution of the redesign plan.

During the consultation, landscape designers and clients discuss project goals, site conditions, desired elements such as plantings, hardscapes, and structures, and any budgetary constraints. Our 2D and 3D representations of the proposed landscape, allowing clients to visualize the final outcome.

Outdoor Makeover: Martinez-design

This process enables iterative design refinement, seamless communication of ideas, and precise calculations for materials and dimensions. Ultimately, an AutoCAD landscape design consultation empowers both designers and clients to make informed decisions and collaborate effectively in shaping outdoor spaces that are both visually appealing and well-suited to their intended use.

Autocad landscape design advantages include:
  • Construction and project execution are aided by comprehensive documentation.
  • Technical accuracy and precision in the design planning.
  • Easy modification of designs, enabling quick adjustments and updatesli>
  • Communication between our design team and the construction team was flawless.
  • Compelling visual representations of the landscape design.
  • Minimize waste and control project costs effectively.

With consideration for various needs and tastes, each design choice offers a distinctive viewpoint on your outdoor renovation project. There will be time for up to two rounds of modifications throughout the typical design duration of one week for both 3D Rendering and Autocad Designs. With these changes, you can make the design even more perfect and ensure that it fully realizes your idea.

Our primary goal is to empower you to make wise choices for your outside area by offering an experience rather than just a service. Each choice is intended to optimize the clarity, knowledge, and potential of your project, whether you select the ease of the Standard Design Consultation, the immersive features of 3D Rendering, or the accuracy of Autocad Designs.

*All Landscape Design Consultation require a $500 minimum for up to 2 hours of design time ($150 for each additional hour), which can be applied to the total contract amount. Evenings and weekends available upon request (depending on designer availability) for an additional $100 that can be rolled into your project budget. Other project qualifiers are based on service areas and must meet a project minimum of $10,000. Contact us for more information or to inquire about your next Outdoor Makeover.

As per a client’s request, we can design outdoor projects to be complete all at once or in phases. Once we understand your overall objectives and do some proper planning, we can implement your plan in phases, preventing redundancy and saving time and money. Moreover, both on smaller projects and larger projects planned in phases, we focus on the entire landscape to maintain the area’s continuity. Our goal is to earn your business through impressive designs, practical implementation, and impeccable customer service.

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Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces has workman’s comp insurance, and holds a General Contractor’s license for decks and porches.