Frequently Asked Questions

We charge for our initial design consultations because it is a creative process with one of our outdoor solution designers. The designer spends 2 hours of design time listening and talking with you about your project and then coming up with a design. You will also receive a line-item proposal and can accommodate any design idea. Your project can be broken up into phases to make it more affordable. The consultation and design fees are taken off the project total at the end of the project.

  • Standard Consultation includes an on-site, 1.5-hour, appointment with our Landscape Designer/ Outdoor Solutions Architects. You will receive up to 4 hours of drawing/design time, usually a 1-Week turnaround*, and a one-on-one design presentation with an itemized estimate.
  • 2D Design option is an add-on offering of a 2D plan of your project. You will receive an on-site visit of up to 2 hours. This usually takes 9 hours of design time and up to 7 days for turnaround with your designated Designer presenting the final artwork and going over project specifics.
  • 3D Rendering is our most popular design add-on to show life-size renderings of a project to more accurately portray what a realistic view of your yard could look like. Design time is around 15 hours with up to a 2-Weeks turnaround**. Gain real-world perspective and let your dreams come alive with a 3D design.
  • AutoCAD Another design add-on option is a technical 2D drawing of your project by designing Autocad plans. These are often requested for HOA approvals. These plans show technical specs and measurements with scaling. This will include up to 15 hours of design time with an estimated 3-Weeks turnaround.

The consultation and design fees will be taken off the project total at the end of the project.

Since 2001, we have been perfecting our Outdoor Makeover Way of doing a project. We wholesomely care about how the design/build of the project turns out but also about the customer experience. This is evident and verified by every 5-star review we receive from a happy customer. That is why we have a designer involved from beginning to the end to ensure quality assurance and help breathe life into their vision and check their design against all the objectives you have laid out to us. Our company is designed around the deliverance of quality projects and the integrity of our people. We also invest many hours with training our employees to be the best they can in whatever role they play in our company.

Our designers are cross-trained to understand every element of outdoor living—surrounding plants, drainage, lighting, and making it low maintenance. It would take seven different companies, on average, to do what our company can deliver holistically. We provide a 360-degree approach to any outdoor space to make sure we serve our clients well.

Our production team is also very knowledgeable and eager to follow proper procedures laid out by designers and engineers. They are all happy to speak to the client as the client has a question. We do use project management software to communicate, and it helps get everyone on the same page.

Our support after the finished project is also stellar. We understand we’ll need to come by for a little thing here and there. But we do it with the right intention to show you that you made the right choice to work with us. We want to take such fantastic care of you that you’ll never think about anyone else and compare everyone to us.

Evenings and weekends are available upon request (depending on designer availability) for an additional $100 that can go towards your project.

Our service area is based on proximity to where our designers live and where we have continued business.

From when the agreement contract is signed, it is about 6-8 weeks* until the project is started. We do our project per geographic zone to help serve the projects better. Another factor that dedicates the timeline is seasons. We only start your project when we are ready to attack with full force to knock it out and deliver a seamless experience.

*Project start times are subject to change based on supply chain and adequate labor force.

⅓ at the time of signing the contract, ⅓ upon the start of the project, and ⅓ upon completion of the project to satisfaction. You pay for your design consultation at the time of booking.

(3% fee for all credit card charges).

The designs are Outdoor Makeover’s intellectual property until a contract is signed.

Even though clients sometimes hire outside firms to design, it takes our designer at least an hour or two to walk the site and understand design. As we are being asked to own the project and warranty, we will be recommending design and installation improvement. This is a time-consuming process. Therefore we charge $500 for this process.

The designer is your primary point of contact. After the agreement with us, the designer, Director of Operations, and your Project Manager will contact and help you with the project.

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Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is properly insured, has workman’s comp insurance, and holds a General Contractor’s license for decks, porches and roofs.