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Have you ever noticed that after heavy rain, your yard area becomes a soggy mess? Water collects in low-lying areas, making plant growth difficult and transforming your once-beautiful yard into a muddy bog. This is where properly installed drainage and erosion control systems come into consideration.

Installation of the drainage system in your yard is essential for various reasons. It is one of the most important functional factors of a landscape design. The drainage system ensures that excess water is efficiently removed, reducing waterlogging and preventing potential damage to plants, structures, and the entire landscape. Also, it helps in the prevention of soil erosion by diverting water away from vulnerable areas, protecting soil integrity, and avoiding sediment discharge. Furthermore, proper drainage decreases the chance of basement floods and foundation damage. These installations maintain the beauty of the yard, protect important topsoil, and durability of the landscape by reducing erosion.

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At Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces, we are committed to offering you excellent Drainage & Erosion Control installation services in Atlanta. By understanding water flow, rain damage, soil damage, and water runoff, our team of landscape drainage professionals addresses these issues in the beginning stages and provides possible solutions. After finding the best possible way to effectively drain water from your lawn or hardscape surfaces, we ensure that your yard is converted into a well-drained, erosion-free environment with our rigorous approach and attention to detail. Trust us to achieve great outcomes while improving the health and appearance of your outdoor space.



  • Soil and Water Relationship: Soil-water relationship is crucial for drainage and erosion control. Soil texture, structure, compaction, and permeability affect water movement. Soil analysis, vegetation, and runoff coefficient are vital for effective drainage in urban areas.
  • Topography and Grades: Topography refers to an area’s physical characteristics, such as slopes and contours. The slope or inclination of the ground is referred to as the grade. Effective external drainage systems require a thorough understanding and assessment of terrain and grades.
  • Drainage Materials and Applications: Drainage materials include pipelines, channels, and filters that allow water to flow away from buildings. They are used to provide effective water management and minimize water-related damage in a variety of environments, including landscaping, road construction, and foundation drainage.


  • Surface Drainage Design: Surface drainage helps control erosion and prevents the accumulation of water, which can damage turf, property, and hardscapes.
  • Subsurface Drainage Design: Subsurface drainage provides numerous benefits within the soil and root zone. It maintains soil structure, promotes early warming in spring, enhances aeration, deepens the root zone, increases nutrient availability, and reduces damage caused by freezing.


  • Discharge Outlet Design: Planning and building an exit for water to flow out of a drainage system or structure, guaranteeing effective water management and preventing floods or damages
  • Surface Drainage Installation: The installation of systems such as gutters, ditches, and grading to divert surface water away from structures and avoid surface pooling or erosion.
  • Subsurface Drainage Installation: The installation of subsurface drainage systems, such as pipes, drains, and French drains, to remove excess water from the soil and prevent waterlogging or structural damage.



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EZ Drainl

EZ Drain is a highly efficient French drainage system designed for residential and commercial applications. Its innovative design features a prefabricated geotextile-wrapped aggregate pipe that offers easy installation and excellent water absorption to dry up wet areas of the yard. With EZ Drain, maintaining a dry and functional environment has never been easier.

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Catch basin with Atrium grate

An atrium grate option is a modern and efficient solution for managing rainwater in urban areas. These types of drainage systems are designed to channel water and debris from the surface level area to the underground drainage systems. They can be typically installed at the ground level and are commonly found in patios, driveways,or in plant beds.

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Catch Basin

A structure beneath the ground that collects and holds surplus water or trash. It is an important piece of landscape project that is used to manage stormwater runoff.

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Channel Drain

A Channel Drain system is a simple and effective way to manage excess water in outdoor areas. This linear drainage system is great for managing surface water. It has a streamlined, linear design that effectively catches and distributes water away from the structure, preventing pooling and potential damage. It’s perfect for driveways, patios, and other hardscaped areas.

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A system designed to collect excess water efficiently, preventing pooling and potential damage. In other words, this dry well drainage system is an eco-friendly alternative to catch basins where it creates a permeable area underground for excess water to percolate and get absorbed. It is usually placed in the low part of the property where water wants to go already.

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Dry wells

A dry well is a way of managing excess water flow caused by heavy rain or other causes. It collects and disperses water into the ground, avoiding pooling or floods.


  • Determine the location: Select a good location for the dry well that is away from buildings, septic systems, and underground utilities. Ascertain that the region has enough drainage.
  • Check regulations: Before beginning, review local rules and secure any required licenses for constructing a dry well. Specific criteria or limits may apply in some places.
  • Dig the hole: Using a shovel or an excavator, dig a hole in the ground. The size of the hole will be determined by the amount of water you anticipate handling. Aim for a diameter of 3 to 6 feet and a depth of 3 to 6 feet as a general guideline.
  • Create an inlet: In the center of the hole, create an inlet by inserting a PVC pipe vertically into the ground. The pipe should extend above the ground level. This inlet will receive the water and direct it into the dry well.
  • Line the hole: Use a suitable substance to line the sides and bottom of the hole to facilitate water penetration and avoid blockage. Landscape cloth, geotextile fabric, or perforated plastic drainage pipes wrapped in a permeable fabric are also common possibilities.
  • Fill the hole: Use coarse gravel or crushed stone to fill the hole. This substance will provide empty zones for water storage and improve drainage. Fill the hole with gravel until it reaches the level of the input pipe.
  • Cover and landscape: To prevent soil from entering and clogging the system, cover the dry well with more landscaping fabric. The cloth should then be covered with dirt, and the area should be landscaped to blend in with the surroundings.
  • Redirect Water: Direct the water source, such as downspouts or surface runoff, to the dry well’s entrance pipe. This can be accomplished by lengthening downspouts or by installing subterranean drainage pipes.

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