Top 10 Landscape Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Outdoor makeover: Top 10 Landscape Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Imagine, you want to change the night look of your landscape by adding a lighting system, what would you prefer: An outdoor area with unnecessary or brightened lights where you are unable to see your beautiful landscape features Or a lighting system that complements your landscape features and makes it a masterpiece. According to Outdoor […]

Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces With Navid Derakhshan Featured In Good Neighbour Podcast

Outdoor makeover: Blog-Podcast

From Dreams to Reality: Navid Derakhshan Outdoor Makeover Journey At Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces, we firmly believe that the transformation of outdoor spaces is a true masterpiece. Our journey to craft these outdoor wonders is nothing short of inspiring. We’re excited to share that our CEO, Navid Derakhshan, recently had the honor of being […]

5 Best Retaining Wall Design Ideas to Create Functional Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor makeover: Best-retaining-wall-design-ideas

A well-designed retaining wall doesn’t just hold soil; it holds the promise of a more beautiful landscape. It is a crucial structure that prevents erosion and supports soil on different levels in sloping terrain. If talking about Retaining Wall Design Ideas, homeowners often prefer hiring a Retaining Wall Contractor in Atlanta to create retaining walls […]

How to Build a Long-Lasting Retaining Wall That Will Last A Lifetime

Outdoor makeover: How-to-build-a-long-lasting-retaining-wall

When it comes to dealing with a yard that has both sloped terrain and flat areas, it’s essential to incorporate different elevations to make the landscape look even. This is where the role of a long lasting retaining wall comes in. Using retaining walls is an accurate and tested way to build terraced gardens, keep […]

10 Modern Landscape Ideas That’ll Elevate Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor makeover: Modern-landscape-ideas-that’ll-elevate-your-outdoor

Whether you’ve purchased a new home or looking to upgarde your existing one, your outdoor holds the key to enhancing the asthetic and curb appeal of your property. Your landscape sets the foundation for creating a captivating and inviting outdoor environment. Modern landscape design ideas can work wonders in transforming these often neglected areas into […]

5 Statement-Making Patio Design Trends to Consider for 2023 and Beyond!

Outdoor makeover: Statement-making-patio-design-trends

A patio is one of the most valuable places in your home to relax and enjoy your morning or evening coffee while looking out at your yard. The outdoor amusement or leisure area can serve various purposes, from providing your friends and family with a place for get-togethers to adding functional value to your backyard. […]

Patio Design Mistakes That Stop You From Bringing Your Backyard to Life

Outdoor makeover: Patio-Design-Feat

So, you’ve decided to get a new patio? A patio is a valuable addition to your backyard, offering an exciting space to unwind after long hours away from home. It can also be the ideal entertainment hub for grilling sessions, group parties, and casual gatherings. Most importantly, a well-designed patio can be a lasting investment […]

Creative Ways to Use Outdoor Lighting to Enhance Your Property

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-lighting-to-enhance-your-property

Outdoor lighting serves as an essential element in transforming your property into a captivating haven. It not only enhances the aesthetics of your outdoor spaces but also offers added security and increased functionality. From illuminating your garden pathways to accentuating architectural features, outdoor lighting in Atlanta has become an artful science. In this blog, we […]

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