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We all know that Children love playing outside. Just a flat space or a flat lawn can be a little tricky to attract kids to play .On the other hand, a well-landscaped yard can give the ideal environment for kids to run around and explore, and it’s also a great way to keep them active and healthy.

Although, turning your outdoor space into an area where your kids love to go and play seems like a huge job. But, if you hire professionals to turn your outdoor space into a kid-friendly and frequently used space, it is not that difficult.

To get started, consider your backyard, think about the aspects you already have, the ones that need an update, and some details that you would like to add to your backyard. Simply share those ideas with the professionals, and they will incorporate the required changes to get your kids outside to play.

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At Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, we believe that every child deserves a safe and fun outdoor space to explore, play, and create lasting memories. Our Kids-Friendly Backyard is designed with children in mind, offering a delightful environment that combines adventure, learning, and imagination. The key is to have desired elements that entices kids outside while they are beautiful to look at for the parents.

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Safety is our top priority. We carefully curate a backyard that meets the highest safety standards, giving parents peace of mind while their children enjoy their playtime. Our play equipment is sturdy, well-maintained, and designed to minimize potential hazards. From soft landing surfaces to age-appropriate structures, we ensure that your little ones can have a blast while staying safe.

But safety doesn’t mean compromising on fun! Our Kid-Friendly Backyard bursts with exciting features and engaging activities. It encourages your children’s imaginations to run wild as they explore vibrant play areas, enjoying slides, swings, climbing walls, and designated lawn games. 

Moreover, we offer various slide options, including one-story slide, tree swing, standard slide, built-in-style, and hobbit house, from which you can choose based on your needs.


Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Designated-Area-For-Trampoline

Designated Area For Trampoline

A dedicated space for trampolines ensures safe and enjoyable jumping activities for kids, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in the backyard.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-One-Story-Slide

Slide Built Into Hill

Integrating a slide into a hill provides a thrilling and adventurous experience for children, encouraging active play and fostering their imagination.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Roast-Marshmallows-With-Your-Friends

Roast Marshmallows With Your Friends

Having a designated area for roasting marshmallows allows kids to gather around a fire pit, fostering social interaction and creating lasting memories in a kid-friendly backyard.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Swim-In-A-Swim-Spa

Swim In A Swim Spa

A swim spa offers a compact swimming pool experience, allowing kids to enjoy water activities, learn to swim, and stay active in the comfort of their backyard.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Baby-Swing

Baby Swing

A baby swing provides a safe and gentle way for infants and toddlers to experience the joy of swinging, promoting sensory development and outdoor exploration for the youngest members of the family.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Designated-Lawn-Games

Designated Lawn Games

Creating space for lawn games like croquet, bocce ball, or cornhole encourages friendly competition, physical activity, and strategic thinking among kids, making the backyard a fun and engaging place to play.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Synthetic-Lawn-For-Kids

Synthetic Lawn For Kids

Synthetic lawns offer a low-maintenance and safe play surface for children, providing a soft and durable area for running, rolling, and playing without the risk of allergies or muddy messes.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Basketball-Court

Basketball Court

A basketball court or multi-sport custom game courts promotes active play, teamwork, and friendly competition, allowing kids to improve their coordination, motor skills, and sportsmanship while enjoying the game in their own backyard.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Climb-A-Stonehenge-And-Rule-The-World

Climb A Stonehenge And Rule The World

Incorporating a scaled-down version of Stonehenge or other climbing structures provides a sense of adventure and exploration, stimulating imaginative play and fostering physical development in kids.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Place-For-Not-A-Playground

Place For Not-A-Playground

Designating a separate area for non-playground activities, such as gardening, painting, or outdoor crafts, encourages creativity, sensory experiences, and a deeper connection with nature for kids in a kid-friendly backyard.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Climb-And-Discover-New-Places

Climb And Discover New Places

Adding climbing structures like treehouses or rope courses allows kids to challenge themselves, develop strength and coordination, and embark on exciting adventures right in their own backyard.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Play-Ping-Pong

Play Ping Pong

Setting up a ping pong table promotes friendly competition, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking among kids, creating a lively and engaging activity that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Practice-Batting

Practice Batting

A dedicated area for batting practice, such as a small baseball or cricket pitch, enables kids to develop their batting skills, hand-eye coordination, and love for sports, fostering a healthy and active lifestyle.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Standard-Slide

Standard Slide

The Standard Slide is a classic play structure that brings fun and excitement to your backyard. The straightforward design and sturdy construction provide your kids with a safe and enjoyable sliding experience.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-Slide-Built-Into-Hill

Built in Slide

The Built-in Slide is an innovative, space-saving solution that integrates seamlessly into your backyard design. It creates a sleek and modern look while providing children with a safe and enjoyable sliding experience.

Outdoor makeover: Kid-Friendly-Backyards-hobbit-house

Hobbit House

The Hobbit House is a charming and environmentally-friendly retreat that seamlessly blends with its natural surroundings. Its circular doors and verdant green roof create a whimsical atmosphere and offer a unique living experience to nature lovers.

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