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Are you ready to upgrade your backyard to create the perfect outdoor living space? The first step is finding a great landscaping company to work with! Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is an award-winning Landscape Designing Company in Brookhaven. Our company is family owned and operated, and is dedicated to providing the best landscaping services in Brookhaven,GA. We specialize in high-end landscaping and construction projects. Our team will work with you to come up with design ideas and turn those plans into reality. By being involved in every step of the process, we are dedicated to a smooth and successful project.

Landscaping Services in Brookhaven, GA

After your design consultation, our team of Atlanta Professional Landscaping contractors will get to work on your front or back yard project. Not only do we design magnificent landscapes, our Brookhaven Landscaping Designers also provides a variety of landscape services. It include:











Our Commitment To Complete Customer Satisfaction

In addition to our award-winning landscape design and construction services, we excel at the following:

  • Landscape Projects Our team has been consistently recognized as the best landscape design company in Brookhaven. Our portfolio speaks for itself. Every project is approached with fresh eyes and nothing is ever reused. When signing onto a landscape makeover, you can be assured that you are receiving a unique, custom solution.
  • Project Management Operation excellence is a major factor when conducting a landscape project. Timeliness and accuracy are incredibly important aspects of any job. Our company owners are personally involved in every stage. From the design consultation to final walk-through, we are dedicated to excellence in every step.
  • Customer Service Without a doubt, the most important part of any landscaping project is customer satisfaction. Our team of Atlanta Landscape Designers deeply cares about meeting and exceeding expectations, and our customer service team is here to assist in any way. Our services are backed by an all-inclusive warranty to ensure complete satisfaction. To learn more about our customer satisfaction warranty, please click here.

Are you looking for the best Landscape Construction Company near me in Brookhaven to transform your landscape into the ultimate luxury outdoor living space? Contact our experts today! Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces has been Brookhaven’s best landscaping design company since 2001.


Sean Miller
Sean Miller
In short we had an amazing experience. Jonathan, Bruce, and Oscar did an amazing job with the all of the details and the final design and the build exceeded our every expectations. They did an excellent communicating (and listening) to every question and modification. We are really happy we trusted the recommendations as each time our expectations were exceeded. We are now enjoying our backyard for years to come and worth every penny. Note: We we so happy with the work we kept adding new projects.
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor
Chuck Shopovick was very professional and took great care of our outdoor patio needs at a very fair price!
Nikki Kaminskas
Nikki Kaminskas
Our entire experience with Outdoor Makeover has been fantastic. Starting with the design through implementation. Chuck and Antonio were incredible. They were very responsive and easy to communicate with they also were so knowledgeable throughout the project in bringing not only our design to life but even better!
Janet Haburchak
Janet Haburchak
The quality of work and overall experience were superb. OM again exceeded our expectations. Kasey's artistic design was remarkable. Chuck's executive qualities were outstanding. Antonio delivered an exemplary product. Highly recommend OM.
Erica Sperduto
Erica Sperduto
The Outdoor Makeover team was great. We had our side yard and back yard regraded and drainage fixed and a lot of overgrowth and vines removed. We also had multiple types of fencing put in various places in our yard. Daulton and Oscar were with us every step- Oscar’s team took my near-daily adjustments in stride and problem solved with my husband and me when one fence didn’t look quite how we wanted it to. Daulton was available via phone immediately and always willing to work with me to find the exact match for what I wanted when I needed to adjust something. They gave me a proposed timeline of 2.5 weeks, but finished in 2. I am very satisfied with how our yard turned out.
Rami Mouad
Rami Mouad
Jonathan, Daulton and Oscar did a fantastic job on my property. It was a relatively small job but they made me feel it was a number one priority throughout the process - from initial consultation until final walkthrough I was in great hands. I especially appreciated the professionalism and responsiveness. Highly recommend!
Jonathan Bonchak
Jonathan Bonchak
Jonathan and Daulton did a fantastic job on a project that involved installing new stone stairs and altering the drainage plan at my home. They were extremely thorough in their proposal, as well as knowledgeable and professional. I obtained multiple quotes for this project and their price was competitive and fair. They kept me updated with daily progress. I highly recommend them.
Lindsey & George Evagoras
Lindsey & George Evagoras
We are blown away with our results from Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces. We had a monster of a job. We needed fencing, major grading and landscaping, we needed to replace a 30 year old rotten deck, add and replace several retaining walls, remove trees, and add lighting. Originally met with our designer Jon who came to our house and had some incredible ideas for our space. He was extremely knowledgeable, listened to our wants and needs and created a design within our budget. (Something several other companies failed to deliver, with outlandish quotes for minimal work). After nailing the design with Jon, we worked with our Project Manager Daulton and Foreman Oscar who executed the design perfectly. They were thorough yet quick. Even adjusting to several last minute changes we made. They were all extremely professional and communicative. Right off the bat they created a group chat with all parties involved so everyone was on the same page with every step of the project. Updates were provided with detailed videos and photos. Anytime I messaged the group thread responses were extremely prompt. Again, I can’t thank Jon, Daulton, Oscar and team enough for their hard work. The results are unbelievable (pictures to come). I love that we were able to work with 1 company to accomplish all of our needs. I would highly recommend them. I can’t believe we were able to get our dream backyard in such a quick amount of time.
Bill Wilkins
Bill Wilkins
I had a vision of what my backyard could be, and I described it to Bruce. He went way beyond what my mind could imagine and designed the most beautiful backyard in this side of Cobb County! Neighbors and friends come over and brag about how beautiful the backyard is! It was great working with John, and watching the expert Yovani so great work. Bruce has a passion about beautification and I’m so happy to have found Outdoor Makeover! I highly recommend them!
Robert Pittman
Robert Pittman
Contracted a big project to build an outdoor kitchen and covered patio. Some things initially weren’t built quite right but they stood behind their work and made it right in pretty short order. Our project manager, Chuck, was a great communicator and very reasonable throughout the project. Geraldo did all the plumbing, electrical and carpentry and was an expert at his many crafts. He was also very helpful in mocking up certain aesthetics to help my wife visualize the final product. Finally, the sales rep, Jonathan, was very diligent in his communication and follow up as we ironed out details and scope of work.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on various factors, including the sort of makeover a homeowner needs for their house. Planting for softscaping should begin in the winter and summer.It is best to begin the installation in the early spring or late fall, when temperatures are mild. This permits plants to develop roots before being subjected to harsh weather conditions. Remember that the top landscape design firms always have a backlog, so plan ahead. You should also consider the following factors:

  • Avoid severe hot or frigid temps.
  • To decide the optimal time for your landscape project, examine the local climate and plant-specific requirements or call us for guidance

Regarding other aspects of an outdoor makeover, you can literally install all the hardscape and carpentry anytime of the year.

Our team is made up of knowledgeable and trained individuals with years of expertise in the landscaping sector. We have the knowledge and experience to manage projects of any size or complexity while delivering high-quality solutions.

The optimal time to plant trees and shrubs is largely determined by the species and environment. However, in many areas, planting in early spring or late fall (when the temperature is cooler) is regarded as optimal. This allows the plants to build root systems before being exposed to high temperatures.

We offer a smooth transition to the final phase when your outdoor remodeling project is completed. Our staff does a thorough examination to ensure that all parts of the project are completed to your satisfaction. We handle any necessary touch-ups or corrections as soon as possible. We also give maintenance instructions and tips to assist you maintain the beauty and utility of your newly renovated outdoor space. Our dedication to providing outstanding service does not end with the conclusion of a project; we are always available to assist you and answer any future requirements you may have. All projects also include a one-year guarantee during which we will provide material and labor to keep the job looking great. We ask that you keep our contact line open and provide us a video of what is wrong; we normally respond within two weeks or less.

Currently , we do not offer maintenance, but that is in the works in coming years.

Landscape design regulations and permissions differ based on the area and nature of the project. Permits may be necessary in many circumstances like grading, tree removal, or the building of structures such as retaining walls or fences. Local zoning rules may also impose setbacks, height limitations, and other architectural issues. Check with local authorities, or we can assist you in determining the precise requirements and permissions necessary for your project after we have determined scope

For more, Contact us today to discuss your project!

  • Xeriscaping: Use drought-tolerant plants that demand little water.
  • Grouping plants: Plants should be organized by water demands for optimal watering.
  • Rainwater harvesting: Collect rainwater to water plants.
  • Native plants: Select species that are suitable to the local climate.
  • Drip irrigation: This method directs water to plant roots while avoiding waste.
  • Mulching: Organic mulch helps to retain soil moisture.
  • Artificial turf: Use it instead of grass to save water.
  • Maintenance: Check for leaks, adjust sprinklers, and eliminate weeds as needed.
  • Limit Lawns: Lawns should be kept to a minimum.

While the process varies based on the designer, the client’s demands, and the project’s complexity, most home design projects contain the following:

  • Initial consultation:

    It’s crucial to understand that we do charge a fee to guarantee you get the most out of your visit with them. It is the designer’s job to run the meeting, not for the client to question us.a.

  • Concept Plan:

    The designers will assess the site’s qualities, strengths, and challenges after hearing your thoughts and goals. Following that, they will create one or more alternative idea plans for your approval.

  • Master Plan:

    The ultimate master plan is the result of your collaboration with the designer. It usually includes a detailed spatial arrangement for your outside living spaces, as well as additional hardscape or architectural elements.

  • Planting Plan:
    This master design will be used as a working sketch to guide the garden’s execution. It provides botanical names, container sizes, exact plant placements, and contractor planting instructions.

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Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is properly insured, has workman’s comp insurance, and holds a General Contractor’s license for decks, porches and roofs.