Outdoor Makeover guarantees our designs, installations, service and the final product. Every installation our clients receive will be of superior quality. Our employees attend mandatory continuing education classes to stay current with new trends and new methods which help to ensure that we maintain knowledge and creativity at the highest level in the industry. We stand behind our work and promise to take every action to deliver a premium product. We adhere to the highest industry standards of landscape and hardscape installations, including products and services, while always operating with integrity and ethical business practices.

Clients must keep in mind that there are two components covered under warranty: product and labor. There are times that the labor warranty has expired but the product we installed has a longer warranty. Some common products with long warranties are landscape fixtures, water features and pumps. Feel free to ask us and we will help you with product and labor during the warranty period, free of charge. Once the warranty is over, we will be happy take care of any problem for a fee, or advise you about ways you could address a small problem at no charge. Please keep in mind that physical damage, pets, acts of God, and consumer negligence (i.e. Not watering, improper maintenance) will void the Outdoor Makeover Warranty.

The following defines the warranty between Outdoor Makeover and the Client.

This warranty protects you, the Client, as defined herein:


Outdoor Makeover covers all workmanship for one full year.


Outdoor Makeover guarantees that all plants (including shrubs, trees, and flowers) are healthy at the time of installation and assumes that the client will provide reasonable care to such plants. If a plant dies, Outdoor Makeover will replace the plant, subject to the following terms:

One full year, One Time Replacement – if and only if an irrigation system is present, and scheduled to run.
90 days – if no irrigation system is present (for installations performed March through October)
Up to May of the following year – if no irrigation system is present (for installations performed November through February.)

Frequently, plants go into shock in the first season and may look somewhat unhealthy. We suggest you cut it back and fertilize it with Miracle Grow to give it a second chance before we replace it.

With all plant installation, the first time Outdoor Makeover replaces a plant under the warranty, the labor and materials are free of charge. For each subsequent visit within the warranty period, the plants are free of charge but there will be a delivery fee. We advise clients to wait until close to the end of the warranty period, if possible, to schedule any replacements.

Sod and Seed:

Outdoor Makeover cannot warranty sod or any type of grass because it is guaranteed to take unless there is negligence in watering.

Arbors and Woodwork:

Outdoor Makeover covers all arbor installations for one full year.

Decks, Porches and Outdoor Additions:

Outdoor Makeover will cover all material and labor on these structures for one full year from installation as long as there is proper drainage around the foundation.

Landscape Lighting:

Outdoor Makeover covers all landscape lighting components for one full year from installation. The labor is under warranty for one year and the product is under warranty by the manufacturer for 5 years or more. Most products that we use have a minimum 5-year warranty. There is a listed date of production on each product to help you determine the 5-year mark.


Outdoor Makeover covers all irrigation system components for one full year from installation. It is recommended that the client perform visual checks of drip irrigation and basic adjustment of sprinkler heads, as needed, to ensure the system is working as specified. The warranty is void if the system is not winterized and the pipes freeze.


Outdoor Makeover covers all drainage system components for two full years from installation. Client is responsible for cleaning the catch basin, and ensuring it is free from dirt and debris.

Fences and Woodwork:

Outdoor Makeover covers all fence installations and woodwork for two full years from installation.

Water Features:

Outdoor Makeover covers all water feature installations for one full year from installation (pump has a longer warranty).


Outdoor Makeover covers all pavers, hardscape, and masonry for 18 months from installation. There is no warranty on any concrete surface because concrete will eventually crack.

Retaining Walls:

Outdoor Makeover covers all retaining wall installations for 18 months from installation.

Drainage Systems:

Outdoor Makeover covers all drainage systems in solid pipes for 2 full years. French drains are excluded from any warranty due to the nature of the native soil in Georgia. Outdoor Makeover only takes care of surface area and water problems from rain and takes no responsibility if water enters the house from sub floors below the level of the soil.

Exclusions and Limitations

Damage caused by the Client or agent of the Client. (e.g. Plants, shrubs, trees or flowers that have not been given proper care, including over/under watering and/or improper application of pesticides or fertilizer.)
Losses due to acts of God including, but not limited to, storms, earthquakes, hurricanes, frost, flood, extreme temperatures or wind.
Losses due to theft, vandalism, animals, insects or pests.
Products installed or purchased separately by the homeowner.
Mechanical products and lighting components under manufacturer warranty
Damages exceeding reasonable costs may be covered by our $1,000,000.00 insurance policy.


It is the client’s responsibility to ensure adequate protection and maintenance of all installations, as defined herein.

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Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is properly insured, has workman’s comp insurance, and holds a General Contractor’s license for decks, porches and roofs.