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Grading and leveling properties is an important part of constructing an aesthetic and practical outdoor area. It involves modifying the space, plain out uneven areas, reducing bumps and hollows, creating smooth curves or designing and an effective drainage system. Proper grading and leveling may considerably improve a landscape’s overall beauty and utility by providing a strong foundation for different elements such as lawns, gardens, patios, and path.

Also, it enables the smooth integration of various elements like flower beds, trees, and hardscape features, resulting in a harmonious and balanced landscape.



At Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces, we are known for providing you high-quality grading and leveling service in Atlanta. We are dedicated to ensuring that every outside project receives the attention it deserves. Whether it’s prepping a site for development, landscaping, or constructing a stunning outdoor living area, our team of qualified specialists uses the latest techniques and equipment to achieve great results. We ensure a level foundation for the success of any outside project by focusing on precision and accuracy. Clients can rely on our skill and commitment to customer satisfaction to convert their outside areas into pieces of beauty.

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  • Site Assessment:The first stage is to analyze the site in order to establish the current topography, soil conditions, and any potential obstructions or issues. This evaluation helps in determining the extent of work needed and devising an acceptable grading and leveling strategy.
  • Clearing and Excavation: Any existing plants, debris, or buildings on the site must be removed before the beginning of grading. Excavation may also be necessary to remove extra dirt or rocks that may obstruct the grading process.
  • Rough Grading: Heavy equipment such as bobcat, front loaders, and excavators are used in this step to modify the space to the appropriate grade and contour. The idea is to cut and fill the dirt as needed to produce a rough level surface.
  • Fine Grading: It is conducted after the rough grading is completed and the soil has been appropriately compacted to attain the required level and smoothness. During this step, precise grading equipment is used to polish the contours and eliminate any high or low places.
  • Soil Compaction: It is critical to compact the soil in order to provide stability and avoid further settling. For example, vibratory rollers or plate compactors are used to compress the soil layers, improving their density and load-bearing capability.
  • Drainage Planning: Proper drainage is critical to preventing water collection, erosion, and structural damage. The right slope and contour are established during the grading process to assist water flow away from the construction area.
  • Drainage System Installation: Depending on the needs of the landscape, various drainage systems, such as French drains, catch basins, or underground pipes, may be built. These systems helps in the effective management of water flow and the prevention of water-related problems.
  • Final Grading: After the drainage systems have been installed, final grading is done to provide a smooth and equal surface. This includes making any required contour modifications, evaluating the slope, and assuring adequate compaction.
  • Quality control: Quality control methods are applied throughout the grading and leveling process to verify that the work meets the appropriate requirements. Regular inspections, soil testing, and adherence to local norms and requirements may be required.

Professional grading and leveling services are typically performed by experienced contractors who have the expertise and equipment to carry out the work effectively and efficiently. And we are proud to say that all our clients are very happy with our services because we believe in 100% client satisfaction. Our 5-star reviews on different platforms are a testimony of our work.

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