Backyard Landscape Design Ideas 2024

Outdoor makeover: Top Backyard Design Trends in 2024

Is your backyard looking a little boring and lacking the charm you need? Are you ready to turn it into a year-round paradise? Sustainable landscaping will be the ongoing trend in 2024 as people become environmentally friendly. With lots of exciting and best backyard landscape design ideas 2024 is looking to be a great year. […]

Unique Hardscape Ideas to Install This Spring

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There’s no better time than winter to start planning for a stunning outdoor space with the promise of spring’s warmth. Whether you have a big backyard or a compact space, incorporating some hardscape elements can add function to your landscape. With modern materials and techniques, there are practically no limits to the different types of […]

Traditional vs Modern Front Porch: Which One is Best for Your Home?

Outdoor makeover: Traditional vs Modern Front Porch

Every person knows that a porch is not only a concrete or wooden slab covered with a roof. It is a place where: You will watch your kids learn to ride their bicycles on the driveway. You will enjoy coffee with your loved ones in the morning. You will gather with friends and family over […]

Tips to Make Your Front Yard Look More Extravagant

Outdoor makeover: Tips-to-Make-Your-Front-Yard-Look-More-Extravagant

The front yard is the face of your home, an exquisite expression of your style. It is not only the first impression your property leaves on guests but also a reflection of your taste and attention to detail. While the idea of transforming your front yard into an expensive-looking landscape may seem daunting, Don’t worry! […]

Trending Pergola Design Ideas For 2024

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Pergolas are quickly becoming a must-have outdoor feature for homeowners across the USA. These beautiful structures give you endless possibilities to upgrade the elegance and functionality of your landscape. Whether you want to throw a party or just relax with your loved ones, a pergola is a perfect place to have fun. But there is […]

Top Reasons To Start Planning Your Spring Landscaping Projects Now

Outdoor Makeover: Top Reasons To Start Planning Your Spring Landscaping Projects Now

As the cold tightens its grip, staying indoors can be tempting. But rather than letting winter blues take over, consider turning that cabin fever into creative daydreaming about your spring landscaping projects. Though it might seem a little premature, planning your outdoor oasis during winter not only fuels your imagination but sets the stage for […]

Top 10 Landscape Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Outdoor makeover: Top 10 Landscape Lighting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Imagine, you want to change the night look of your landscape by adding a lighting system, what would you prefer: An outdoor area with unnecessary or brightened lights where you are unable to see your beautiful landscape features Or a lighting system that complements your landscape features and makes it a masterpiece. According to Outdoor […]

Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces With Navid Derakhshan Featured In Good Neighbour Podcast

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From Dreams to Reality: Navid Derakhshan Outdoor Makeover Journey At Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces, we firmly believe that the transformation of outdoor spaces is a true masterpiece. Our journey to craft these outdoor wonders is nothing short of inspiring. We’re excited to share that our CEO, Navid Derakhshan, recently had the honor of being […]

5 Best Retaining Wall Design Ideas to Create Functional Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor makeover: Best-retaining-wall-design-ideas

A well-designed retaining wall doesn’t just hold soil; it holds the promise of a more beautiful landscape. It is a crucial structure that prevents erosion and supports soil on different levels in sloping terrain. If talking about Retaining Wall Design Ideas, homeowners often prefer hiring a Retaining Wall Contractor in Atlanta to create retaining walls […]