Things To Consider Before Adding an Outdoor Fire Pit on a Wooden Deck

Outdoor Makeover: Things-To-Consider-Before-Adding-an-Outdoor-Fire-Pit-on-a-Wooden-Deck
  • Can I add a fire pit to a wooden deck?
  • Is building a fire pit in the middle of a wooden deck possible?
  • Is it safe to have a firepit on a wooden deck?
  • How do I avoid any damage?
  • What types of fire pits are ideal to use?

If these questions knock on your mind, you will have landed on the right page.

Installing a fire pit on a wood deck can be stressful and dangerous, especially if you need help understanding the do’s and don’ts. Backyard fire pits are a great way to relax and unwind on a fantastic evening, but consider a few things if you want to have one on your wood deck.

Wooden decks are more prone to fire due to their composition, yet… Proper use of a fire pit on a wood deck can ensure safety.

This article will cover everything from safe use instructions to the best materials for fire pit surfaces. So join us around the fire pit as we discuss how you may prepare to light up those starry nights on your deck in style!

What fire pit ideas are suitable to use on a deck?

Wood-burning fire pits or bowls


Wood-burning fire pits and bowls are the most frequently commercially available fire pits. They are also popular since they produce a natural wood-burning aroma and sensation. However, there may be better deck choices than a wood-burning fire pit.

The ashes may fall through the cracks in the fire pit and catch fire with the materials beneath. Hot embers and ashes can also discolor or harm the deck’s wood.

Propane or gas Fire Pits


Propane or gas fire pits are ideal for a wooden deck since they emit no wood ashes. This implies that the wood ashes will not damage the wood deck. Propane or gas fire pits produce less smoke than wood-burning fire pits, making them less prone to discolor the hardwood deck.

Electric Fire Pits

Electric fire pits are an excellent choice for a wood deck fire pit. They do not emit wood ashes or smoke, so there is no risk of damage to the wooden deck. Electric fire pits are also quite simple to use: You only need to plug them in before you can securely enjoy their warmth.


Gel Fuel Fire Pits

Gel fuel outdoor fire pits provide a clean-burning alternative for decks concerned about smoke and embers. These fire pits employ gel canisters as fuel, which burn without producing smoke and leave no ash. They’re ideal for creating ambiance without cleaning up and come in various attractive, contemporary styles.


Stone and Concrete Fire Pits

These materials are ideal for creating a permanent, fixed fire pit that provides a striking visual feature to your outdoor space. Stone and concrete are naturally heat-resistant, lowering the danger of damage to your deck. They also complement various landscaping ideas, providing a timeless charm.

Tips for using a fire pit on a wood deck:


1. Always select the correct fire pit.

The first suggestion is to select the best fire pit. As previously said, wood-burning fire pits could be better for a deck. Propane or gas fire pits are superior options because they produce no ashes. Electric fire pits are also an excellent choice because they produce no wood ashes or smoke but lack genuine flames.

2. Select the appropriate fire pit position.

When building a fire pit on a deck, it is critical to select the appropriate area. Set the fire pit on a non-combustible surface like brick or stone pavers.

3. Ensure the fire pit is appropriately enclosed.

The second piece of advice is to keep the fire pit appropriately enclosed. This means the fire pit must have a stable foundation and be surrounded by non-flammable materials such as stone or brick. Alternatively, it can be put on a non-flammable surface, such as a concrete paver, and surrounded by small concrete slabs to avoid complete fire destruction.


4. Never leave your fire pit unattended.

Never leave a fire unattended. This is true for all types of fires, but it is especially critical when utilizing a fire pit on your deck. Ensure the fire is extinguished before leaving the area, as the glowing embers can readily catch fire with a gust of wind.

5. Invest in a Spark screen.

Retailers such as Bunnings sell a variety of high-quality spark guards or spark screens that can help prevent burning wood particles from flying out of your fire pit or outdoor fireplace and onto your deck. Spark shields also provide additional safety for anything surrounding your fire, such as outdoor furniture or anything considered combustible.

6. Have a fire extinguisher nearby.

Keep an extinguisher ready. This is always a good idea when working with fire or in extreme heat, but it’s especially critical when using fire pits on a wood deck.

Read the fire pit handbook thoroughly.

The most critical suggestion is to read the fire pit handbook thoroughly. This applies to all types of fire pits, but it is especially vital when utilizing a fire pit on a wood deck. To avoid a fundamental fire risk, carefully follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Understanding the Local Fire Pit Regulations:


Local laws and regulations governing the usage of fire pits vary greatly. It is critical to check with your municipality’s rules regarding where and how you can utilize fire pits. You must also grasp the differences in laws for wood, gas, and portable fire pits. Before you begin construction, obtain all essential licenses for permanent installation and use. Regulations may include burn bans, curfews, and materials used.

What to Put Under a Fire Pit On a Wood Deck?

Fire pit pad

A fire pit mat is an excellent way to protect your deck from the heat of the firepit. Numerous varieties of fire pit pads, made of various materials, are on the market, so select one specifically meant for use on a deck.

When purchasing a fire pit cushion, ensure it is appropriate for your fire pit. You want the fire pit to be manageable for the space.

Make sure you buy a fire pit pad with a non-slip surface. This will help to keep the fire pit stable and prevent it from rolling about on your deck.

Use a base of concrete pavers.

A concrete paver safety base is also an excellent way to protect your deck. This technique creates a flat deck surface for your fire pit while protecting your wood or composite decks from the heat of the fire.

To create a paver safety base, arrange concrete pavers around the fire pit. Ensure the pavers are the same size or slightly larger than the fire pit. This will help form a barrier between the fire pit and your wooden deck. These massive, heavy pavers are reasonably priced and readily available from hardware or landscaping stores like Bunnings. Once the pavers are in place, fill all gaps with sand.

Fire Pit Barrier

If you want to construct a barrier between your fire pit and your deck, use fire pit barriers. This is merely a piece of material that you place between the fire pit and your deck to reduce heat transfer to the deck’s surface and the supporting structure. There are numerous varieties of fire pit barriers on the market, so make sure you select one specifically built for use on a deck.

Fire Pit Mats


A fire pit mat is another excellent option to protect your wood decking from the heat of the fire pit. These mats are placed under the fire pit to reflect heat away from the surface and can also be used to avoid discoloration on concrete decks. This is a good choice if you only do one item before establishing a fire pit.

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