Types of Firepit Options That Make Your Backyard Look Attractive

Outdoor Makeover: Firepit Options

A well-designed landscape creates a visually appealing and harmonious outdoor space. It is basically a combination of various elements like plants, water features, lighting, and hardscapes as well as a cohesive and attractive environment. It also gives homeowners as well as visitors a sense of pride and enjoyment.

But adding a fire pit in the backyard and to your aesthetically pleasing landscape will make it more beautiful and rewarding. And, it could become a favorite spot for your whole family and friends to gather and spend quality time together. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the concept of the firepit in outdoor spaces, choosing the right firepit, and the types of fire pit options that are best for your landscape design.

Concept of Fire Pits in Enhancing Your Outdoor Space

These days, more and more homeowners are interested in spending their time outdoors than staying indoors. So, adding a fire pit to your home landscape will naturally create an enjoyable ambiance in drawing people outside.

It is one of the best things about owning a fire pit that it provides much-needed warmth and extends the usability of an outdoor space whenever there are cooler evenings or seasons.

When the fire crackles and gives a gentle heat, it kind of creates a comforting and cozy environment which becomes the reason for you to spend more time. It’s best for socializing and as an entertainment spot that encourages laughter, sharing stories, roasting marshmallows, or also can even be used as a place for intimate conversations.

Importance of choosing the right firepit to improve backyard aesthetics

Now, when it comes to choosing the right fire pit design for your landscape, you have to consider factors such as the right size, types of fuel you’ll prefer, how much heat you would need, and a few more things. Below are some points that will definitely help you in narrowing down your search.

Fuel Type

Your firepit can have various fuel types such as wood, natural gas, and propane. Using natural gas and propane fire is considered to be safer than lighting with firewood, but if you’re an old-school person who classically loves the fire then we recommend opting for a wood fire.

There is nothing that would beat that sweet sound of crackling and popping of a real wood burning or that aroma of smoky ashes.

With a gas fire, it will be easier for you to clean and even turn it on or off anytime. But as propane and gas are more fossil fuels they might come in a little expensive or their prices might increase over time. On the other hand, firewood is easily accessible but it makes it quite messy when it comes to cleaning it.

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Most commonly, prefab fire pits are created from one of 3 materials such as steel, cast iron, or copper. But if you’re planning to create your own fire pit design, you can use bricks, native stone, slate, or any other heat-resistant and durable material.

Our recommendation would be to choose steel which is lightweight, highly weather resistant and it comes at a good moderate price. If you’re interested in choosing cast iron, it is more denser and of thicker metal when compared with steel. The best part of this material is that it ages better than steel and can also be available in unique artistic designs.

When using copper as your fire pit material, you might have to polish it from time to time or it will become black.


It may surprise you but there is no fixed style to design a firepit. Fire comes in various styles. You can select a stacked stone firepit for your backyard to give it more of a classical look or give it a more rustic style with an outdoor grill design.

If you’re seeking a build-to-last outdoor look for your firepit, then invest in a copper grill to make it last long. Let’s move to the types of fire pit options you can get for your outdoor landscape design.

Types of Fire Pit Options

There is no bar in choosing the type of fireplace design that is right for your backyard. But we have a list of firepit designs that you surely wouldn’t want to miss. Here are some of the best options that’ll make your backyard outdoors more aesthetically pleasing:

  • Belgard Round Firepit: This round-shaped fire pit naturally adds proper function and style in making your backyard more beautiful. The stones in this firepit installation design are made up of durable dry-cast concrete which creates a long-lasting centerpiece for your outdoors.

    The tumbled stone look that this design gives easily blends with Belgard pavers and your wall styles. With a boasting and charming stone appearance, it makes your outdoors seamlessly harmonize with your home aesthetics.

  • Round Stackstone: Your fire pit backyard would look more amazing with this round stack stone fire pit design. With a beautiful sleek design and a durable construction, it makes a perfect spot for gathering during those cozy evenings around a firepit.

    It also provides a good opportunity for creating memorable moments and socializing among friends and family. It is best suited for having some backyard party celebrations, barbeque events, or if you’re looking for some quiet outdoor time.

  • Modern Rectangle: This firepit design is a beautiful combination of sleek design with functionality. It marks a perfect gathering spot for enjoying some quality time as well as the crackling sound of the fire. These fire pits are made of hardscapes materials like granite and stainless steel which make it an attractive design for every outdoor space.
  • Square Slab: This firepit design is the perfect mixture of aesthetics and practicality. It is crafted with attention to detail and set at a height that easily reaches up to your knees. This design ensures proper comfort with a mesmerizing dance of flames that gives a perfect immersive experience. With its captivating ambiance, everyone around it is sure to enjoy some quality time.

Wrapping It Up

So, your fire pit backyard can have these beautiful designs that will add a touch of aesthetic beauty and a place for friendly gatherings with your family and friends.

Are you still looking into deciding which fire pit would be a game changer for your backyard? Contact us today for a consultation. If you want to enhance your outdoor space with a cozy fire pit installation then, we have experts who are well-versed in outdoor solution design.

We turn your vision into reality. With a wide range of fire features outdoor options, we work closely with you to create a design that complements your needs as well as home aesthetics. Check our website pages for more information about our other services.

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