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Landscape Design Trends for 2017

Outdoor Makeover : Landscape Design Trends for 2017

Everyone makes New Year’s Resolutions. Whether we like the idea or not, everyone likes to think of the new year as a clean slate, and it’s understandable why. We spend the year thinking about all of the things in our life that we want to change, whether it’s our diet, our work habits, or how […]

How to Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Family Oriented

Outdoor Makeover: How to Keep Your Outdoor Living Space Family Oriented

Summer is just around the corner and that means the kids are out of school, there’s no homework, and friends will be coming over to play (for parents and kids alike). With the scorching Atlanta heat during the day and the cool star filled nights, families are going to want plenty of outdoor activities to […]

Tips For Maintaining Your Garden

Outdoor Makeover: Best Ideas to Maintain Modern A Garden in Atlanta

The landscape layout of outdoor gardens has definitely evolved over the years. What used to be a few choice breeds of flowers in a flower bed has blossomed no pun intended) to include various styles of outdoor architecture, including hardscaping and outdoor construction. To help you in creating a modern garden, here are some great […]