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Do you want to experience the beauty of a natural lawn without doing any maintenance duties that come with it? Why not go for a synthetic turf installation in Atlanta?

With synthetic grass, you can keep a captivating property without spending too much time removing weeds, watering, and meeting the landscaping guidelines of local homeowners’ associations. You can get your dream lawn with the help of trusted professionals.

The synthetic turf installed by the Outdoor Makeovers & Living Spaces team is made with premium quality yarns with advanced UV protection to prevent discoloration and fading. Moreover, it is free from anti-microbes and toxins, making it ideal for children and pets.

Our residential turf foundation creates a stable and more durable base compared to a simple turf layer. Besides this, it requires low maintenance and always looks manicured and healthy. Plus, it does not allow water to pool or absorb animal waste, providing quick and easy cleanup.

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Once your synthetic turf installation is completed, there is no need to spend money on lawn maintenance products or landscaping services, as synthetic turf always remains naturally green. If you wish to have an artificial lawn installed in your residential property, lawn area, or balcony/ rooftop terrace, get in touch to discuss the details.

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Putting Green Installation:

Want to improve your backyard with a realistic golf experience? Artificial grass putting green is a way to achieve that. At Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, we collaborate with you to make a custom-designed putting green with unique fluctuations and hole positions that are both aesthetically appealing and challenging. Our aim is to create a surface that suits your preference while providing you with the most realistic experience possible. One of the major perks of hiring us to install a putting green is that you get access to our team’s years of experience in designing and installing premium quality putting greens. Each putting green designed and installed by our team fits perfectly to a specific site and meets your expectations. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions regarding synthetic turf installation in Atlanta, share ideas, or estimate your project in detail.



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Basketball Court Installation

Basketball is one of the favorite sports of players of all age groups. It is proven to help players enhance heart health and build muscle. So, why not get started with the installation of a basketball court in your backyard? At Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, we install exceptional basketball court surfaces for both private and commercial clients. Whether you want to transform some space in the backyard for your kids or need a full-sized court for your school, speak to us first and let us help you plan the best basketball court for the available space you have.

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Pickleball Court Installation

Pickleball, which has been described as “the perfect blend of badminton, ping pong, and tennis,” is an increasingly popular American sport that is now enjoyed by players all across Australia. Pickleball is an excellent paddle sport for beginners because it is a low-impact game with a playing space one-third the size of a tennis court. If you want to stay fit while having fun with the whole family, our dedicated pickleball court builders are ready to make your backyard fantasies a reality.

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At Outdoor Makeovers & Living Spaces, we follow a simple process: Consult, Design, Build, and Satisfy! Apart from the synthetic turf installation in Atlanta, and sports courts, we offer a complete range of other products, including lighting that can enhance the overall aesthetic of your backyard. When choosing us for installation services, you get 23 years of landscape building expertise. From planning and design to installation, we always provide the best products and services. What are you waiting for? Schedule your appointment now to discuss your landscaping needs.

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