Outdoor lighting is more than just providing a way to see at night. We provide functional light sources and create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance for any outdoor space. Lighting can really limit your outdoor usage or it can enhance the overall experience.

We use of a variety of fixtures in both size and style to illuminate your landscape and outdoor spaces which can create a mesmerizing ambiance. Our designers consider every angle and every light source, along with the effect the light will have on the landscape design.

Ideally, the goal of landscape lighting is to see the effect of the light, and not the source itself. We use various fixtures paired with lighting techniques such as up-lighting, silhouetting, and shadowing to create a radiant landscape and soothing effect.

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How We Design Exterior House Lighting

Deciding the Purpose:

It is critical to consider both the area and the purpose at this stage. Here, our experts determine which regions are especially gloomy and which you want to visibly emphasize once the sun goes down. Make a mental note of any paths or barriers that could pose a safety risk in the dark.

Layout suggestions:

In the planning process, inspirational pictures are essential. We gather some exterior house lighting ideas from other landscapes you like and comparable areas to your own.

Analyze the Work:

At this point, we assess the level of exertion. The difficulty of lighting design will vary depending on the number of fixtures and the intricacy of the area. During this phase, we also consult our lighting specialist.

Setting a Budget:

After analyzing the entire work criteria, our experts set a budget for your project so you can determine what kind of fixtures you can choose from.

Landscape Lighting Design:

Draw the scenery from the outside in, beginning with the border and working inward. This will assist you in determining what type of lighting setup you require.

Electrical supplies, wire runs, and final layout:

If you go with a low-voltage lighting setup, you will have many lines from a single transformer. Because your complete lighting system can be powered by a single source, this stage will outline where the fixtures will go as well as the wires that will need to be run from the transformer.

Steps taken to ensure the lights are installed safely and effectively:

Assess the lighting needs: Before installing lights, it is essential to determine the lighting requirements of the area. You should consider the purpose of the lights and the type of space you are working on.

Choose the right lights: Select the appropriate lights for the space, including the type of bulb, brightness, and colour temperature. You should also check the rating of the lights to ensure that they are safe for the environment and that they meet the electrical standards of your region.

Locate and place electrical wiring: Before starting any work, locate the electrical wiring and mark them out. Ensure that you turn off the electrical supply before touching any wires.

Plan the installation: Once you have identified the wiring, plan the installation of the lights. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment and tools, including ladders, drills, screwdrivers, and wires.

Install the lights: Install the lights following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that you follow the correct wiring procedures, and the lights are securely fitted.

Test the lights: Once you have installed the lights, test them to make sure they are working correctly. Check that the lights are not flickering, and the brightness and colour temperature are appropriate.

Ensure safety: After installing the lights, ensure that they are safe and secure. Check that there are no loose wires or exposed electrical connections. You should also ensure that the lights are not in areas that could cause accidents.

Maintain the lights: Regularly maintain the lights to ensure that they continue to function correctly. This includes replacing bulbs, cleaning the fixtures, and fixing any issues that arise.

Out Door Makeover: light-safety

Our Installation Process:

  • Assemble Fixtures: First, we check that everything is in place and that each component is ready to be fitted.
  • Lay out the lights: Next, our experts plot out where you want to put each bulb.
  • Mounting Transformer Box: Then the mounting transformer box fits into a 120-volt receptacle and converts household energy to the proper current for low-voltage outdoor lighting.
  • Layout Wiring: Organize the cabling from light to fixture.
  • Scope out Runs: This is the stage in which we plan how many lights will be powered by each pair of cables.
  • Testing:  Here, we test each link and each bulb before fitting everything.
  • Position your lights: In the evening, switch on all of the lights to ensure that everything is precisely where you want it. Finally, the cables must be buried.

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