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Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces, a specialty retaining wall contractor based in Atlanta, serves within and surrounding areas. Since 2001, we have provided practical answers to complicated engineering problems. We recognize that the success of most of our country’s infrastructure depends on careful planning, firm foundations, and constant innovation, all of which we strive for on an ongoing basis. We have installed millions of square feet of walls and pavers. We have vast experience with nearly all types of engineered wall installation and paver systems.

Our team of in-house engineers, executives, estimators, project managers, office and field staff, significant resources, unmatched buying power, and state-of-the-art equipment, truly separate us from our competition.




Outdoor Makeover: Modular-Block-Wall

Modular Block Wall

Modular block walls are mostly made of geosynthetic cementitious composite mats (GCCMs), which encapsulate designed grout between layers of geotextile and cure when saturated to form a fiber-reinforced concrete shell for erosion prevention. Modular block wall building is the foundation of our business operations.

Outdoor Makeover: Mortared-Limestone

Mortared Limestone

Lime mortar is made from limestone, predominantly composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is burnt in a kiln at temperatures above 700°C (calcination process) and slaked with water to produce lime, which is then mixed with sand to make mortar.

Outdoor Makeover: MSE-Walls

MSE Walls

A mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) retaining wall is a composite structure consisting of alternating layers of compacted backfill and soil reinforcing elements attached to a wall facing. It gives more weight to large errors and is sensitive to outliers. MSE is useful when the goal is to minimize the overall error in the model

Outdoor Makeover: Redi-Rock

Redi Rock

Redi-Rock is an established, precast modular block retaining wall technology designed by engineers for engineers. It employs enormous one-ton blocks constructed of 4,000 PSI (27.6 MPa) concrete. These walls withstand freeze-thaw cycles, marine environments, and record-breaking storms.

Outdoor Makeover: Small-Segmental-Block

Small Segmental Block

A Versatile, cost-effective blocks with distinct faces are available in various sizes and colors to offer a flowing complement to any application. These blocks interlock with one another and with the lateral restraint members.

Outdoor Makeover: Precast-Concrete-Walls

Precast Concrete Walls

These walls are built off-site in a controlled environment and then delivered to the construction site for installation. They are strong and durable and may be shaped and sized to fit specific needs.

Outdoor Makeover: Structural-Insulated-Panels-(SIPs)

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

These panels comprise two panels of oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood, with an insulation layer sandwiched between them. They are popular in both residential and commercial structures due to their great thermal performance and structural stability.

Outdoor Makeover: Steel-Framing-Systems

Steel Framing Systems

A steel framing system uses steel studs and tracks to build wall assemblies. These systems are light, strong, and resistant to dampness and pests. Steel framing is widely employed in commercial buildings and high-rise construction projects.

Outdoor Makeover: Timber-Frame-Construction

Timber Frame Construction

A structural frame is built utilizing hardwood beams, columns, and braces. These frames are usually filled with insulation and covered in sheathing materials. Timber frame walls have a natural appearance and can be designed to withstand big spans and loads.


Choosing a quality contractor is the best way to ensure you receive a quality retaining wall. We are committed to solid results and dependable service at Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces. Our professionals are trusted partners throughout installation, ensuring your project meets the highest standards. With us, you’ll experience the difference where aesthetics seamlessly meets functionality. Count on our expertise to transform your outdoor space into a stunning and functional environment. Choose us for excellence in engineered wall construction.

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