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Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is an award-winning hardscape installer near me in Decatur, Georgia. We take pride in being one of the leading experts in hardscaping, a crucial aspect of professionally designed outdoor spaces like backyards. Our extensive portfolio showcases our design creativity and showcases why we are considered premier hardscape installers in the region.

Contrary to viewing hardscaping as separate from landscaping, we believe it is an integral part of a complete landscaping transformation. By focusing on non-plant elements, hardscaping allows us to create visually stunning and highly functional outdoor environments that perfectly complement the natural elements.

With our expertise, hardscape elements become extensively customizable, offering endless possibilities for tailoring outdoor spaces to our clients’ unique preferences and needs. The combination of our innovative designs and top-notch installations ensures that our customers get not only a visually appealing outdoor area but also a practical and enjoyable space to use and cherish.

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Our hardscape installation services in Decatur, GA

Hardscape is typically just part of a backyard overhaul courtesy of Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces. We also install “softscaping” features such as flowers, shrubs, trees, sod, and living privacy screens; water features such as waterfalls, fountains, streams, koi ponds, and boulder bubblers; and structures such as decks, porches, gazebos, pergolas, sheds, bridges, and wooden swing sets. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is a full-service landscaping company that has a proven ability to transform any outdoor space into an inviting sanctuary. With us, you will enjoy total commitment to quality and a desire to exceed your every expectation!

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Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is properly insured, has workman’s comp insurance, and holds a General Contractor’s license for decks, porches and roofs.