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Yard Drainage & Erosion Control Services for Residents of Decatur, GA

At Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, we always prioritize yard drainage when working onlandscaping projects in Decatur, Georgia. The soil in the Decatur region doesn’t absorb water efficiently, making insufficient drainage a significant concern that can lead to various issues in the yard and damage expensive landscaping. Just as a house needs a sturdy foundation, a yard necessitates a professionally designed drainage system to avoid soil erosion and protect grass and ground cover. It’s crucial to emphasize the significance of proper drainage, as it plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy and beautiful outdoor space.

The team at Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces can thoroughly assess your space in Decatur, GA, and come up with an effective yard drainage solution, if necessary.

We are highly experienced at installing:

  • Dry creek beds
  • Channel drains
  • French drains
  • Drainage pipes
  • Drainage boxes
  • Erosion prevention plants


Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is one of the premier landscaping contractors in the metro area. We can take any ordinary yard and transform it into an outdoor sanctuary, one that is at once aesthetically pleasing but also a practical place where people will naturally want to congregate. Discerning homeowners turn to our award-winning company for the installation of landscaping features such as sod, flower beds, and accent boulders; hardscape features such as patios, paver and driveways, retaining walls, and outdoor kitchens; water features such as waterfalls and koi ponds; and outdoor structures such as decks, pergolas, sheds, bridges, and wooden swing sets. But again, yard drainage and erosion control always receive our careful consideration. We recommend addressing these two closely interrelated issues at the beginning of each project so that your investment in beautiful landscaping remains protected.

Contact Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces for more information about our yard drainage and erosion control expertise, and to learn more about the landscaping services that we provide to homeowners in Decatur, GA.

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Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is properly insured, has workman’s comp insurance, and holds a General Contractor’s license for decks, porches and roofs.