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A healthy outdoor lawn plays a pivotal role in enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of any outdoor space. Beyond its visual appeal, A well-maintained lawn acts as a natural oasis, adding to the overall well-being of both persons and the environment.

For human well-being, a healthy outdoor lawn provides a space for relaxation, exercise, and social interaction. Spending time outside on a soft, well-kept lawn can improve mental health by reducing stress and generating a sense of peace. It offers a space for physical activities such as picnics, yoga, and sports, promoting a more active and healthy lifestyle. Moreover, it acts as a blank canvas for outdoor design elements, emphasizing the beauty of landscape elements, flowerbeds, and architectural buildings.

Looking for a professional to care for your lawn, trees, shrubs, and outdoor space? Well, we’ve got you covered. At Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces, we offer you professional Lawn Treatment Services in Atlanta and surrounding regions. through our innovative new department called Outdoor Buter.

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Lawn Treatment Services Provided
By Trained Professionals

As an award-winning company since 2001, we offer you exceptional landscape services. Our only goal is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We provide more than just outdoor remodeling projects as we also give full lawn treatment services. We ensure that your lawn is not only elegantly planted but also in good health. Our lawn care services range from aeration and fertilization to weed control and tree and shrub health. We understand that lush, vibrant grass is the cornerstone of any gorgeous outdoor living area, and our team of experts is committed to providing the finest quality care to ensure that your outdoor space truly shines.



  • Fertilization: Our professional lawn care services include a customized fertilizer plan based on your lawn’s individual requirements. This may entail applying fertilizer at various periods of the year to ensure your grass receives the nutrients it requires for optimal growth.
  • Weed Control: Lawn treatment services can assist control and eliminate weeds that compete for nutrients and space with your lawn. Herbicides can be used judiciously to kill undesired weeds while leaving your grass healthy.
  • Surface Insect Control: Lawns that are already thin, dry, or weed-infested are particularly vulnerable to surface insect activity and damage. We diagnose and handle insect issues on your lawn using ecologically friendly techniques to keep it healthy.
  • Lawn Aeration: It is the process of making small holes in the soil to improve circulation, water penetration, and nutrient absorption. Aeration improves grass growth by reducing soil compaction.
  • Crabgrass Control: We address the growth of crabgrass, a common weed, to maintain a healthy lawn appearance.
  • Overseeding: The process involves adding new grass seeds to an existing lawn to enhance its thickness and vitality.
  • Grub Prevention and Control: We protect lawns from the destructive impact of grubs, which are beetle larvae, to prevent root damage.
  • Lawn Disease Control: We manage and treat various lawn diseases that can harm grass and compromise its health.
  • Moss Control: Our services target moss growth, preserving the lawn’s aesthetic and preventing its dominance over grass.
  • Chinch Bug Management: We manage chinch bugs, pests that can damage lawns by feeding on grass sap.
  • Armyworm Control: We control armyworms, which can cause extensive damage by devouring grass and foliage.
  • Bermuda Grass Control: We address the spread of Bermuda grass, a persistent weed, to maintain lawn uniformity.
  • Soil pH Control: We regulate soil pH levels, ensuring optimal conditions for grass growth.
  • Organic Lawn Dressing: We apply natural materials to improve soil structure, nutrient content, and overall lawn health.
  • Soil Revitalizer: Our treatments rejuvenate soil health, fostering better conditions for grass growth.
  • Vegetation Control:We manage unwanted vegetation, preventing competition with lawn grass. Perimeter Pest Services: We provide pest control around the perimeter of the property to minimize indoor pest infiltration.
  • Shrub growth control: As shrubs play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your landscape, their healthy and balanced growth is essential. Our expert team employs specialized techniques to monitor and manage the growth of shrubbery on your property. Through careful observation and skillful interventions, we ensure that shrubs do not become overgrown or unruly.
  • Shrubbery winterization: During colder months, our lawn treatment services include shrubbery winterization to shield plants from freezing temperatures and frost. Our experts inspect each shrub, identifying vulnerable areas, and apply techniques like burlap wrapping, anti-desiccant sprays, and extra mulch for root insulation. This ensures shrubs thrive in spring after winter’s challenges.

Prime Benefits Of Hiring Us As A
Lawn Treatment Company

  • certified Professionals maintain consistency and adhere to an efficient lawn care regimen.
  • Lawn care services help to limit the use of chemicals, pesticides, and insecticides.
  • We improve the appearance of the lawn by making it more attractive, desired, and eye-catching.
  • Hiring us as specialists allows you to save time while still maintaining a high standard of lawn care.
  • Our lawn care professionals not only manage the lawn for the now, but also for the future.

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