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Welcome to the Outdoor Butler!

Outdoor Butler is a premium service that offers a seamless solution for all your outdoor maintenance needs. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals, ready to transform your outdoor spaces into immaculate heaven. Our range of services includes lawn care, garden upkeep, deck maintenance, patio cleaning, pressure washing, mulching, pine straw, lawn mowing, etc. We are equipped with the expertise and tools to ensure your outdoor areas remain pristine year-round. Now, you don’t need to deal with the hassle of juggling multiple tasks but with our services you can welcome a worry-free outdoor lifestyle. With meticulous attention to detail and a passion for enhancing your outdoor oasis, our Outdoor Butler Services redefine convenience and luxury in property care.

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Why Did The Outdoor Butler Come To Life?

At Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, we take immense pride in being the foremost experts in outdoor living space design. Our landscape architects and designers work closely with clients to understand their aspirations and detail all objectives and create visions. Our operations team puts a soul into a body of vision with amazing execution. At this point, we have provided our lucky customer with a premium outdoor living space. However, who will take care of it?

We often had clients call us back after a year or two later to do a full outdoor update. And again they called for another update a year following next. Each time we would arrive onsite we would find clues of neglect on their yard maintenance company companies even though we left instructions on how to maintain everything after the installation.

We found out that maintaining all the carpentry, hardscape, landscape, and outdoor accessories in their property were being ignored and neglected because maintenance guys specialize in mowing and blowing, and trimming, it is a mindset and expertise! Maintaining the outdoor products design/build companies create takes a certain level of expertise.

That’s why the outdoor butler program was created. We consider all of the required and recommended maintenance and hire problem-solving individuals who understand the exterior of your property to assist intricate needs and customer services. This should let you and your family play more outside with your free time versus taking care of it.

How It Works?

Outdoor Butler is a program developed to do just that. Our goal is to give you, the homeowner, peace of mind that your outdoor areas are and always will be in the best possible condition. Your lawn will be in the best shape it has ever been, and your property will have noticeably fewer mosquitoes being a nuisance as you enjoy the amenities your property has to offer. The annual hassle of replacing your mulch or pine straw will be handled under the Outdoor Butler umbrella along with your quarterly landscape lighting and irrigation checks. We can take care of almost all your outdoor stressors. You can expect to walk outside and not have to worry about plants or grass looking ill from a watering issue because our technician is out monthly reviewing every detail it takes to make sure your property is as beautiful as it can be. From grill cleanings to pressure washing, any worry you have about the outside areas can be taken care of because Outdoor Butler is at your service!

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We offer a personalized service where our program director, designer, or project manager will meet with you to discuss your preferences and requirements. We’ll provide you with a comprehensive menu of options and services, allowing you to delegate tasks to us based on your priorities. Once we understand your needs, we will propose an annual price that covers all the agreed-upon services. This amount will be divided into four equal parts, and we’ll bill you at the beginning of each quarter. Within a week of finalizing the agreement, we will provide you with a detailed schedule for the entire year.


Outdoor Makeover: Silver-plan

silver package

  • 1 Butlerservice call (up to 2 hours)
  • Monthly (warm season) 8 times a year from march to October Mosquito control, organic adult
  • Fogging and misting (if present)
  • Monthly (as needed) Lawn treatment and weed and feed and pre-emergent
  • Monthly warm season anti-growth on select shrubs
  • Quarterly Garden bed weed control the whole property for weeds applypre-emergent (this is different than the pre-emergent applied to the lawn)
  • Quarterly drainage and erosion check-up, drainage box, and downspout check up. Look for erosion in the property
  • Quarterly Low voltage lighting, check every bulb and fixture
  • Quarterly Irrigation system check-up
Outdoor Makeover: Gold-plan

Gold package

(Include all silver package features)

  • Extend the warranty on all the plants we just installed
  • 2 additionalbutler visit service call ( up to two hours)
  • Annual Mulching/ pine straw the whole property
  • Annual Pressure washing driveway
  • Annual Pressure washing house up to 20 ft
  • Annual Pressure washing patio, deck, porch and all outdoor living space surfaces
  • Quarterly , Cleaning outdoor furniture, tables, chairs, lounge,countertop,outdoor kitchenping pong table
  • Bi-annualy spring and fall, Prep their herb garden… plant it for them once or twice a year
  • Bi-annual flower beds
Outdoor Makeover: Platinum-plan

Platinum package

(Include all silver & gold package features)

  • 2 additional butler service calls (up to 3 hours each)
  • Annual Synthetic turf check, priced per occurrence
  • Water feature winterization and spring
  • Install holiday lights and take away annually
  • Halloween decor assistance annually hourly rate
  • Quarterly Clean out the fireplace or firepit from old ashes
  • March and august Deep Cleaning BBQ grill area



The definition of “peace of mind” according to the dictionary is “a feeling of being safe or protected.” That is exactly what we have tried to instill into our lawn, tree, and shrub applications. This all-inclusive and comprehensive designed treatment program provides you with the expectation that you will not have to worry about weeds in your grass or your tree and shrub beds because not only do we provide weed control for your lawn but we also use a pre-emergent dedicated to weed control in your beds. More importantly, we take sustainability to new heights! With our weed control treatments we can reduce weeds in the beds by 95%. This is completely harmless to any plants in the affected area, however if you have any concern our technician will be on the property monthly for a total of 8 lawn applications and 4 tree and shrub applications. While our expert technician is treating the property, they observe any abnormalities to every detail. As experts, we know what should be around the house, the following remedies are not optional for a healthy landscape.

Weed and Feed for Lawn:

  • 8 Primary lawn applications such as pre-emergents and fertilizers, weed control and spot treatment as needed.
  • Fungus prevention and control.
  • Service calls for spot treatments of weeds.
  • Ph test every year with proper treatment automatically.
  • Aerating as needed.
  • 2 Soil pH tests prior to spring.

Stimulate Growth In Shrubs And Trees:

  • 4 Tree and shrub applications to invigorate root growth, prevent diseases, insects, and funguses.
  • Winterization on trees and shrubs.
  • Warrantied under our protection and supervision.

Weed Free Beds:

A preventative approach with friendly agents to keep weeds from germinatingvs reactively killing weeds with harsh chemicals.

Freeze Mature Shrubs Growth:

Applying growth regulators to keep the shrubs that have reached ideal height, like crape myrtle and large hollies.


Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Our professional staff keeps your gutters clear of debris and clogs, protecting your home from water damage. We ensure appropriate drainage and peace of mind with our comprehensive approach.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Mulching-Pine

Mulching/Pine Straw the Whole Property

Our mulching and pine straw services will enhance the beauty and health of your landscape. Our expert staff will apply the mulch with care, enhancing soil moisture retention and reducing weed development.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Autonomous-Lawn-Mowers

Autonomous Lawn Mowers Check-up

Embrace the future of lawn care with autonomous mowers. Our professionals execute frequent check-ups to keep your robotic mowers in great condition, allowing you to maintain your lawn with ease and precision.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Plant-Annual-Flowers

Plant Annual Flowers

Our yearly flower planting service will provide a splash of color and charm to your outside space. We meticulously pick and grow colorful flowers to create spectacular seasonal displays.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Low-Voltage-Lighting-Check-Up

Low Voltage Lighting Check-Up

Use low voltage lighting to illuminate your outside spaces effectively and safely. Our professionals examine and maintain the system, ensuring that your nights outside are well-lit and welcoming.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Pressure-Washing

Pressure Washing Driveway & House Upto 20ft

Our skilled pressure washing service can restore the luster to your driveway and house exterior. Our high-pressure cleaning method leaves surfaces appearing clean and revitalized.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Prep-Their-Herb

Prep Their Herb Garden… Plant It For Them Once Or Twice A Year

With our herb garden preparation and planting service, you may enjoy fresh herbs all year long. Our experts will set up your herb garden and see to it that it grows, giving you a delicious culinary addition.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Irrigation-System-Check-Up

Irrigation System Check-Up

A properly operating irrigation system will keep your landscape lush and healthy. Our trained personnel evaluate and maintain the system, making necessary modifications to improve water distribution and leak-free.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Stain-All-Wood

Synthetic Turf Check

Relax and enjoy the ease of synthetic turf. Our professionals inspect and care for your synthetic grass, ensuring that it remains in good shape and continues to enrich your outside area.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Deep-Cleaning-Outdoor-Grill

Deep Cleaning Outdoor Grill Every 3Months

Our staff cleans your outdoor grill on a regular basis to keep it sanitary and ready for your culinary excursions. Now, you can enjoy the pleasures of grilling without the bother of cleaning.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Cleaning-Patio-Deck-Porch

Cleaning, Patio, Deck, Porch And AllOutdoor Living Space Surfaces

Our comprehensive cleaning of patios, decks, porches, and other living areas will leave you in a sparkling outside sanctuary. We eliminate filth, grime, and debris, leaving you with a clean and welcoming environment.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Clean-The-Fireplace

Clean the Fireplace

A clean and safe fireplace will keep you warm during the cooler months. Our comprehensive cleaning service guarantees that your fireplace is always ready to give warmth and relaxation.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Firewood-Delivery

Firewood Delivery

Our quick firewood delivery service will keep you warm and toasty. We deliver excellent firewood straight to your fireplace, ensuring you have a consistent supply for those chilly nights.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Stain-All-Wood

Weed Control The Whole Property ForWeeds (Ranger-Pro Or Organic)

With our efficient weed management products, you can say goodbye to bothersome weeds. Choose from our ranger-pro or organic choices to get rid of weeds in every area of your property and promote a healthy, immaculate landscape.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Stain-All-Wood

Stain All Wood & Fences Outdoor

With our skilled staining service, you can maintain the beauty and longevity of your outdoor wood structures and fences. Our expert treatment protects them from weathering and increases their longevity.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Stain-All-Wood

Water Feature Check Up

Ensure that the peaceful ambience of your water features is maintained. Our experts examine and repair fountains, ponds, and waterfalls to keep them operating smoothly and appealing.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Cleaning-Install-Christmas

Install Christmas Lights And Take Away Annually

Our Christmas lights installation service makes it easy to get into the holiday spirit. We decorate your home with stunning lights and return at the end of the season to guarantee a smooth and tidy removal.

Outdoor makeover: Outdoor-Butler-Gutter-Halloween-Decor-Assistance-Annually

Halloween Decor Assistance Annually

With our Halloween decor assistance, you may transform your house into a frightful fantasy without any effort. Our creative staff will assist you in creating a spellbinding show that will captivate both children and adults.

Service Call For Any Reason:

We’ve all seen the hilarious insurance commercial. Mayhem and entropy occur.You never know when you’ll need assistance with a project. But we want you to know who you may contact. We are available for service calls. We will be able to assist our clients with any issues that arise as a result of what we implement. Please submit a WhatsApp video of what needs to be done to our warranty staff; we’ll arrive prepared and do it for you. The cost of this service starts at $250, which covers mobilization and the first hour. Any additional hour is paid at 125 plus parts.

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Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces is properly insured, has workman’s comp insurance, and holds a General Contractor’s license for decks, porches and roofs.