Since 2001, Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces has been one of the best companies in Atlanta designing outdoor spaces. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces’ creative design team turns any outdoor space into paradise by complementing the existing landscape or starting from scratch to achieve the desired elements in the outdoor area. Throughout our landscape design consultation and build process, we are simultaneously focused on aesthetics, functionality, and longevity. With foundations rooted in biology and engineering, the Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces team ensures each design functions as it should.

Many of our clients have a good idea of what they want, and others want us to share our vision as the first step in the consultation phase. Either way, we will always outline the pros and cons of every idea. Understanding that design is subjective, we pair our experience, training, and vision with your yard and desires, and the final product is a beautiful outdoor space.

We offer four different landscape design consultation options: Standard Hand-Drawn, 2D Digital, 3D Rendering, and Autocad. Choose your consultation and let’s get started turning your dreams into reality!

Outdoor Designs

The standard consultation comes with a hand-drawn sketch of your yard remodel plan, but there are 3 other digital design options as well. These add-on options are 2D Digital Design, 3D Renderings, and Autocad Designs. The benefits of these designs are that you can see the whole Outdoor Makeover plans from A-Z.

These designs are created for a clearer visual aid of your project. We show the details of the project and the potential of what your new yard can look like. Each of our design options has a purpose and value to both you and our building team.

– Each Landscape Design Consultation allows time with one of our highly-trained Design Experts that understand construction, landscaping, and solution solving in an outdoor space.
– Standard Hand-Drawn Sketches are sometimes able to be done on-site.
– Average design time for 2D, 3D, and Autocad Designs is approximately a week and includes up to 2 rounds of revisions.

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Our Standard Consultation includes a 2-hour appointment with our Landscape Designer and you will receive a hand-drawn sketch to show our plans for your yard improvements.

Outdoor Designs

3D Rendering


This is a popular design add-on to show life-size and real-world renderings of a project to more accurately portray what a realistic view of your yard could look like – get a real perspective for the whole design in 3D renderings.
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Autocad Design


Another design add-on option is a technical 2D drawing of your project by designing Autocad plans. These are often requested for HOA approvals. These plans show technical specs and measurements with proportional scaling.
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*All Design Consultations require a $500 minimum for up to 2 hours of design time ($150 for each additional hour), which can be applied to the total contract amount. Evenings and weekends available upon request (depending on designer availability) for an additional $100 that can be rolled into your project budget. Other project qualifiers are based on service areas and must meet a project minimum of $20,000. Contact us for more information or to inquire about your next Outdoor Makeover.

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outdoor backyard kitchen with stainless steel appliances

Per a client’s request, we can design outdoor projects to be completed all at once or in phases. Once we understand your overall objectives and do some proper planning, we can implement your plan in phases, preventing redundancy and saving time and money. Both on smaller projects and larger projects planned in phases, we focus on the entire landscape to maintain the area’s continuity. Our goal is to earn your business through impressive designs, practical implementation, and impeccable customer service.

Credentials, awards, and reviews

200 Times Award Winning

Outdoor Designs

While we had a general idea of some things we wanted done, Navid was able to envision a work product beyond that which we could have imagined. In addition to being very accessible, Navid was very customer-focused and was intent throughout the project of ensuring that our expectations were met. We were amazed at his team’s ability to execute so quickly from “design” to the final product. Expectations were more than exceeded, and we would certainly use Navid and Outdoor Makeover on future projects.

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