Poolside Landscaping: Ways to Showcase Your Pool

poolside view of pool with landscaping, brick hot tub and backyard wooden deck

Backyard swimming pools are great to have on hot summer days in Atlanta. They offer many benefits for your family. From its entertainment value to the ease of exercise, having a pool in the backyard is great. One of the best ways to improve your pool experience with some poolside landscaping! Many times, backyard swimming pools look out of place and unbalanced. By improving the surrounding poolside landscape, you can transform your living space into a true oasis! There are several ways to take a basic backyard pool and turn it into your favorite relaxation spot. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces have created many poolside landscape designs over the years. Here are some ways to turn your pool into the ideal spot for rest, relaxation, and recreation.

Poolside Landscaping Ideas

Add Poolside Seating Areas

Add in a gazebo or pergola and some comfortable seating. Sure, sitting in the sun might be great if you are wanting to tan, but having a shaded space to recline by the pool makes for a great place to just relax and unwind.

Include Kid-Friendly Elements

Consider elements such as soft grass, kid-friendly plants, smooth stones, pavers, or walkways to the deck. This will help protect them from hurting their feet. Also, pay attention to any tripping hazards or potentially sharp areas.

Connect to Other Areas

Add stone paths to connect other areas of your landscape. Incorporate plants or shrubbery along the paths to give the illusion of meandering paths at a resort.

Don’t Forget the Lighting!

There’s something special about swimming after the sun goes down. Be sure to show off your poolside landscape with a variety of light features. From spotlights to twinkling white lights, to a fire pit in a poolside patio area. Incorporating lighting makes your pool more versatile.

Add Decorative Pavers or Patio

Extend the concrete around the pool with decorative pavers and a patio. This is especially nice if your pool is close to the backdoor of the home.

Choose the Right Trees

Find out what type of trees will look great around your pool. Not only do you want beautiful greenery, but something low maintenance. Also, consider how many leaves will fall into the pool. This is one of the most important aspects of choosing what trees to plant by the pool.

Add Additional Water Features

Consider having a nearby fountain or pondless waterfall near your pool. They add height and depth to your poolside landscape. Poolside water features are also fun elements to have in your backyard. River rock gardens are great, too. Whether it frames the entire pool or just a part of it, river rock gardens add interest. Combine this with plants that require minimal upkeep.

Container Gardens

Install some large container gardens to add a splash of color. Go a step further and use colorful containers that work with your landscape or home design.

If you are ready to take your poolside landscaping to the next level, then contact our experts. Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces will turn your backyard into the ideal living space. Our backyard living experts create poolside landscapes equaling your favorite vacation spot! Contact our landscape design team today to schedule your design consultation.