Tips for Preparing Your Water Feature for Fall

stone water fall feature with landscape pond surrounded by ferns and softscape

Landscape water features are a common element among Atlanta homes. Fountains are a great decorative element while ponds provide an area to explore or relax. This landscaping element is a great way to make the most of your outdoor living space this fall. Like many aspects of your yard, water features require some seasonal maintenance. Preparing for each season keeps your pond or fountain looking great. As autumn approaches, the weather cools off and leaves begin to fall. This allows debris to accumulate, and an eventual freeze can damage a fountain. Plan to spend an afternoon on fall water feature maintenance. Here are some tips for preparing your landscape fountain or pond for autumn.

Fall Water Feature Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

Empty out the debris basket every day

With the changing season, leaves and sticks will be falling from trees. This creates debris that can accumulate in the water. Leaves and other organic matter that gathers will eventually turn the water brown. Keep the water clean by removing any debris that has been collected.

Remove pond netting

Now is the time to remove your pond netting. Also, if you have a fountain as part of your water feature, disconnect the pump and check the valves. Make sure to allow the water to drain from the pump. This is a good time to make note of any pieces are parts that need to be replaced.

Lower the pond’s water level

Around this time of year, lower the water level to below the opening of the skimmer.

Trim back aquatic plants 

Now is a great time to trim and prune any plants surrounding your water feature. Make sure none of them hang into the water. If your plants are in pots, move the pots to the bottom of the pond to protect them from cold temperatures.

Add water treatment

Use a water treatment designed to protect your pond against cold weather bacteria. By doing this, you will prevent any kind of harmful growth.

Fall Fountain Maintenance

Clean the water pump thoroughly

It is best to do this as fall approaches. This will allow your fountain to continue running smoothly and looking beautiful. For a basic but effective cleaning agent, use white vinegar to clean the fountain pump. White vinegar is a cheap, effective, and safe option.

Treat the fountain with algaecide

Add some algaecide to the water to prevent and eliminate any algae that may start to grow. Another option to prevent algae growth is to use distilled water in your fountain. Distilled water helps to prevent algae from thriving.

Remove any debris

Remove any debris that may have accumulated in the fountain. This will prevent blockages or damage to the pump. Cleaning out debris also helps to keep fountain water clean.

Treat hard water

Hard water can cause a white build-up known as white scale. This can be easily removed by rubbing the affected area with white vinegar. For ongoing prevention of white scale, add a fountain cleanser product to the water.

Keep the pump running

Atlanta winters are mild in comparison to other parts of the country. This makes it so you do not have to turn off the pump for the season. In fact, keeping it running will extend the life of the pump. However, make sure the pump is completely submerged by monitoring the water level.

Protect it from freezing

If a deep freeze is coming, cover the fountain with a tarp to protect it from damage. This will help prevent the fountain from getting too cold. Excessive freezing can damage pumps or even cause cracks to expand.

Maintaining your water feature doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. Take these basic steps so you can enjoy your landscape fountain or pond for years to come. If you are interested in installing a fountain or pond in your yard, contact Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces! Our landscape design team will design and build a high-quality water feature. We are Atlanta’s fall outdoor living experts serving the area since 2001!