At Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, we’re committed to transforming your outdoor space into an attractive and useful living place. We’re not simply about landscaping and building. We provide a wide selection of extra services and accessories that take your outdoor living experience to new heights in addition to our landscape design and construction services. Our dedication to fine craftsmanship, careful attention to detail, and individualized solutions sets us apart from the competition and guarantees that every element of your outdoor retreat is carefully planned and effectively carried out.

Our wide range of services, which are tailored to your unique requirements and preferences, range from hiding ugly features to creating vibrant entertainment areas. We have the knowledge and imagination to make your idea a reality, whether you’re looking to improve the appearance of your home, lengthen the outdoor living season, or streamline the functionality of your outdoor space.

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Explore the array of additional services and construction accessories we provide

  • Garbage Bin & A/C Concealing: Garbage bins and a/c concealing make covert enclosures for air conditioning units to blend with the surroundings, improve aesthetics, and reduce noise. The goal of garbage bin hiding is to create covers or screens that conceal unattractive trash cans, maintaining a neat external appearance while keeping pests and odors at bay. Our experts offer smart solutions that blend seamlessly with your landscape, concealing eyesores and maintaining the beauty of your outdoor oasis.
  • Air Conditioning Unit Relocation: Moving current air conditioning units to better spots for increased functionality or aesthetic appeal is known as air conditioning unit relocation. This procedure entails unplugging, moving, and replugging the units while taking into account things like ideal ventilation, accessibility, and aesthetics. Our skilled team ensures efficient cooling without compromising your outdoor ambiance, giving you comfort and a visually appealing environment.
  • Construction of Outdoor Kitchen Islands: Outdoor kitchen islands involve constructing functional cooking and entertainment spaces in exterior settings. These islands typically include grills, countertops, storage, and seating options. They provide a convenient way to enjoy outdoor dining and socializing while integrating culinary amenities seamlessly into the landscape. At Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces, our craftsmen design and build these functional marvels, complete with countertops, storage, and cooking facilities. Enjoy cooking amidst nature’s beauty!
  • Custom Mailboxes: Custom mailboxes offer personalized and distinctive receptacles for receiving mail. Crafted to match a homeowner’s preferences, these mailboxes often feature unique designs, materials, and finishes that add a touch of individuality to the property’s entrance. Our artisans create custom mailboxes that enhance curb appeal while keeping your mail safe.
  • Gates & Fences: Fences and gates give a property further security, seclusion, and beauty. They act as boundaries, regulate entry points, and add to a home’s overall architectural design whether they are constructed of wood, metal, or another material. Our gates and fences designs not only provide security but also add charm to your landscape. Trust us to craft structures that combine form and function seamlessly.
  • Installation of Doors & Windows: Professionally installed doors and windows will improve both the aesthetically pleasing and practical components of your outdoor living spaces. The smooth transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces made possible by these components let natural light flood your room while yet ensuring a safe and weatherproof environment.
  • Water feature autofill installation: With our autofill installation, turn your outdoor water features into hassle-free focus areas. We make sure that your ponds, fountains, and waterfalls smoothly maintain their water levels by implementing automated water replenishing devices. Your water features’ visual and acoustic appeal will be maintained without continual monitoring thanks to this method, which also saves you time and effort.
  • Concrete pad installation: Use our concrete pad installation services to create sturdy, practical surfaces in your outside areas. Our carefully poured concrete pads provide stability for walks, a place for a grill or fire pit, or a foundation for outdoor furniture. They are also easy to maintain and have a polished appearance that matches your outdoor design.
  • Installation of High Voltage Outlets and Fixtures: By strategically placing high voltage outlets and fixtures throughout your spaces, you may improve your outdoor living experience. These setups guarantee a steady supply of electricity for additional electrical requirements like outdoor lights and entertainment systems. The smooth integration of these installations into your outdoor design is guaranteed by our qualified team, boosting both aesthetics and usefulness.
  • Installation of Outdoor Games: With our installation of outdoor games, you can turn your outside space into a center for amusement. Whether it’s a specially constructed bocce court, ping-pong table, or corn hole set, we specialize in setting up these recreational features that encourage amusement and cordial rivalry. Our designs effortlessly complement the beauty of your outdoor space, fostering a welcoming environment for social events and leisure pursuits.
  • Installation of Outdoor Water Faucets: With the help of our outdoor water faucet installation services, you can be sure that you will always have easy access to water for outside chores like cleaning and gardening. In addition to being functional, strategically placed faucets eliminate the need for lengthy hose extensions or frequent visits inside. These faucets are skillfully installed by our team to blend in with your outdoor areas and make upkeep jobs easier and more fun.
  • Misting System Installation: To create a cool and relaxing atmosphere on warm summer days, we provide misting system installation as part of our outdoor makeover and living spaces service. Misting systems disperse tiny water droplets into the atmosphere, which quickly evaporate and reduce the surrounding temperature. With the help of this technology, you may enjoy your area even in the sweltering heat. Our knowledgeable experts guarantee accurate installation and ideal positioning to accomplish effective cooling across your outdoor area.
  • Outdoor Ceiling Fan Installation: With our outdoor ceiling fan installation service, you can improve the ventilation and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor living area. These fans circulate air well, producing a comfortable breeze and warding off insects. We maintain an even dispersion of airflow by skillfully attaching these fans, fostering an environment that is conducive to outdoor relaxation and socialization.
  • Installation of Outdoor Curtains: Privacy and shade are essential components of any outdoor area. Our outdoor curtain installation service provides useful advantages as well as a touch of elegance. To give shade, block out direct sunlight, or create a private space, these curtains can be drawn. We customize the curtains to complement your aesthetic while providing practical solutions for your outdoor space using a variety of fabric selections and installation methods.
  • Outdoor Showers: Take advantage of our installation service to enjoy the luxuries of an outdoor shower. Outdoor showers provide convenience and a distinctive experience, making them ideal for beach houses, poolside locations, or just those who prefer outdoor bathing. In order to provide a seamless and revitalizing addition to your outdoor space, our technicians handle every part of installation, from plumbing to privacy features.
  • Reinforcing Walls: Our retaining wall construction service is vital for yards with various elevations or terraced landscapes. These walls establish distinct levels for gardening, seating, and defining areas while also supporting the structure and preventing soil erosion. Our company creates retaining walls that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally cohesive with your outdoor arrangement.
  • Installation of Gas Lines for Space Heaters, Fireplaces, Grills, and Fire Pits: With the help of our expert gas line installation services, elevate your outdoor pleasure. Gas lines are professionally run to space heaters, fireplaces, grills, and fire pits so that they can be used effectively and conveniently. With the help of this service, you may enjoy warmth, cooking, and ambiance without having to worry about propane tanks. For a worry-free outdoor pleasure, our technicians perform the installation with accuracy while keeping to safety guidelines.
  • Running Gas to Grills: As an alternative to using propane tanks, we provide the convenience of installing gas lines right next to outdoor grilling locations. By providing a consistent and dependable gas supply for your grills, this service enables you to concentrate uninterruptedly on your food preparation. Our knowledgeable specialists manage the entire installation process while assuring safety and legal observance. With the simplicity and effectiveness of a dedicated gas line for your grilling requirements, you can improve your outdoor cooking experience.
  • Running Gas to Space Heaters: By installing gas lines for space heaters, you may extend your outdoor living season. You can take use of warm outdoor areas year-round thanks to our service. Our knowledgeable staff guarantees safe gas connections and appropriate heater installation for the best possible heat distribution. Gas-powered heaters make it easy to entertain friends or unwind outside without having to worry about the weather ruining your enjoyment.
  • Running TV Cables to Outdoor fun Areas: Get TV cables expertly installed in your outdoor places to elevate your outdoor fun. In order to provide a seamless viewing experience for gatherings, parties, or quiet evenings, we specialize in discretely routing wires to outdoor TVs. Our professionals expertly hide cables while maintaining ideal signal quality and weather resistance. Enjoy your favorite television programs, sporting events, and movies outside without the trouble of unsightly cable setups.
  • Running Water to Outdoor Sink: By installing water lines to an outdoor sink, you may make outdoor duties easier. It is tremendously useful to have access to water outside for cooking, cleaning, and gardening. We provide water line installation services that ensure functionality and stop leakage. By adding a dedicated outdoor sink, you can make your outdoor space more functional and useful for a variety of activities.
  • Under-decking Installation: Maximize the potential of your outdoor living space by thinking about under-decking installation. We are experts in building usable, weatherproof rooms underneath raised decks. Our knowledgeable staff creates and installs under-deck systems that successfully redirect water away and offer weather protection. Create a shady refuge, a storage area, or an additional living space that compliments your outdoor lifestyle.
    We take pride in providing a wide variety of building supplies and services to improve your outside living experience at Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces. Our team of knowledgeable experts is committed to providing installations of the highest caliber that put safety, use, and aesthetics first. We are dedicated to designing outside areas that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, whether that means maintaining a consistent gas supply, optimizing entertainment settings, or developing practical outdoor utilities.