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The Pergola or Gazebo: The Answers to Georgia’s Hot Summer Weather

backyard pergola with architectural landscape design

Right now, the weather is cool. But any Georgian knows that when the temperatures change bringing spring, and then summer arrives, the warm (read, “hot!”) season can be difficult. And, in the metro-Atlanta region, the humidity plus heat can make living life outside unpleasant. But, there are ways you can be outside and beat the[…]

Maintaining Your New Irrigation System

criss-crossing spraying lawn sprinkler irrigation system on grass yard of brick house

Atlanta summers can bring long dry spells where you wonder if it will ever rain again. With an irrigation system in place, you do not have to worry about where your plants will find their next drink. One bonus of irrigation systems is tapping into the main water lines, making auto fill water features and[…]

Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces Selected for 2019 Best of Marietta

2019 Best of Marietta Award for Outdoor Makeover & Construction

Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces has been selected for the 2019 Best of Marietta Award in the Landscaping category by the Marietta Award Program. Each year, the Marietta Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive[…]

Preparing Your Landscape for Spring: Now is the Time to Get Started!

backyard landscaping with evergreen trees

While it may only be the beginning of the year if one of your 2020 resolutions is to take your current landscape design (or perhaps the lack thereof) to the next level, then now is the time to begin. No, you might not be ready to go to the nursery and purchase the plants and[…]

Hosting an Outdoor Holiday Event: Utilizing Your Outside Entertainment Area

outdoor kitchen and grill on wood deck with pergola and outdoor lighting

Living in the South, typically means that the chances of a white Christmas are slim. Sure, “Jack Frost might be nipping at your nose” but the likelihood of Frosty showing up is pretty rare. So, in the event that a moderately comfortable day is in the forecast, now is a great time to start thinking[…]

Outdoor Football Party: Making Use of Your Outdoor Living Space

brown leather football on green grass in bright sunlight casting a shadow

Fall, family, football, food, FUN! For many, nothing says fall like a rousing game of football. There’s just something about getting together with family and friends and cheering (or jeering) for the team(s) of choice. Whether your group be small or be large enough to need to warn the neighbors about parking there’s a special[…]

Holiday Entertaining: Using Your Outdoor Space this Thanksgiving

stone outdoor entertaining space in backyard landscape with table tennis

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and then the holiday entertaining season is truly upon us. This time of year is usually filled with planning, parties, and people……lots of people. And, the struggle of where to comfortably entertain all of those people is real. After all, not everyone has a home layout that makes engaging[…]