Best Tips And Tricks For Easy Holiday Entertaining

Outdoor Makeover: Best Tips And Tricks For Easy Holiday Entertaining

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and then the holiday entertaining season is truly upon us. This time of year is usually filled with planning, parties, and people……lots of people. And, the struggle of where to comfortably entertain all of those people is real. After all, not everyone has a home layout that makes engaging and entertaining guests easy. But, there is a solution. A perk of living in the South during the fall is that having a warm day for Thanksgiving is not unusual. So, why not take advantage of this warm weather and plan to have your Thanksgiving spread outside in your outdoor space- be it a patio, a porch, a pergola, or an outside kitchen.

Tips and Tricks for Easy Outdoor Holiday Entertaining:

If you have never attempted to host a Thanksgiving feast outdoors, then the very thought might seem a bit daunting. After all, it might sound like a great deal of work. Fortunately, holiday entertaining outdoors is not nearly as challenging as it might sound – especially if you know a few tricks and tips.

Let’s get started.

  • Plan for your pets. You may not be bothered by your pets running around your Thanksgiving spread, but this might not hold true for everyone. If possible, have a place in your home where your pets can chill out during your Thanksgiving feast.
  • Plan a menu that can be prepared in advance or, if doable, in an outside kitchen or on the grill. You might even want to think beyond the traditional Thanksgiving meal and have some fun. Some ideas for sides include corn on the cob, garlic bread, grilled zucchini, veggie skewers, rice, stuffed Portobello mushrooms.
  • Consider Firepits: Just because living in Georgia often means great weather for Thanksgiving, it doesn’t mean it always happens. Consider having a fire pit or chimenea ready to use, in the event it is a cooler day.
  • Dinnerware. Choose dinnerware that is sturdy, but easy to clean up. Whether you opt for disposable pieces (saves time on washing dishes!) or you prefer an eclectic setup made up of flea market finds, your tableware is a great way to add color and personality to your outdoor holiday entertaining.
  • Be flexible with the seating. Unlike a fancy dinner with place cards and formal sedating, hosting Thanksgiving outdoors can be laid back and relaxed.
  • Think about the lighting. If you anticipate eating later in the day then be sure your outdoor space is well lit. Be it strings of white lighting, flameless candles, or even table lamps – you don’t want to eat in the dark.
  • Have a plan B. Just because the weather is usually warm enough for an outdoor Thanksgiving feast, that doesn’t mean it always is. Be sure you have a backup plan in the event of cold or wet weather.

Holiday entertaining outside is a great way to enjoy the day – and without feeling claustrophobic in a crowded room. Use these tips to make your Thanksgiving event a wonderful day that is talked about for months (and perhaps years) to come. And, if your current landscape doesn’t offer an outdoor entertainment feature, don’t despair. Give the Outdoor Makeover & Construction team a call today. We can design a space for you so that outdoor entertainment can be done in the future. Call now.

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