4 Tips for Preparing Your Outdoor Kitchen for Fall

stone outdoor kitchen with steel grill, sink, and refrigerator in landscape backyard
Having an outdoor kitchen means that you have plenty of space for entertaining your guests, or simply to cook and enjoy a meal without the confines of the house. But like many things, an outdoor kitchen also rings with it a few tasks for the Fall To-Do list. Most of these tasks can be completed in a weekend, so just be sure to make time for it before cold weather strikes – as failing to do them can make for an expensive start to your outdoor kitchen’s use-ability next season.

How to Get Your Outdoor Kitchen Ready for Next Year

Living in Georgia means cold weather season is not as intense as it is to our North. However, it doesn’t mean that you can completely ignore cold weather and assume you don’t need to take preventative measures for your outdoor kitchen. Doing these proactive tasks will make the next season of outside cooking easier to achieve.

Protect the plumbing.

Take time to clear out any water that might be stored in the pipes. Failing to do this can lead to burst pipes should the weather drop below freezing. Check to see that all drain valves are in the open position so that no water can be trapped. This is also the time to clean the sink and cover it to prevent any scratches.

Prepare the grill. 

If you have a grill in your outdoor kitchen, give it a thorough cleaning. Here’s how:

·      Use a degreaser to remove any grease build-up.

·      Polish it with stainless steel polish.

·      Remove the grates and clean underneath.

·      Season the cooking surface(s) by applying vegetable oil and allowing the grill to heat to 500* F for 20 minutes to remove any build-up.

·      Turn off the gas line if you don’t anticipate using your grill during cold weather months.

Prevent damage. 

Cover all surfaces and appliances that are subject to cracks, stains, and scratches due to cold weather or debris that might get blown that direction. If you have cabinetry or stone countertops, now is a good time to apply a coat of oil or sealer.

Power off the refrigerator and ice maker.

In addition to turning off the water supply, be sure to unplug these units. Then empty each of them of any food that might be stored inside. However, do not cover them with any type of cloth as this can cause moisture accumulation, and ultimately damage them. Having an outdoor kitchen is a wonderful option. After all, it means you have more useable space for enjoying the Georgia weather. But you don’t want your outside kitchen to become a “used to be” space that is no longer useable. Make these tasks a part of your fall routine, so that you can get many long years out of your outside kitchen. If you have questions about an outdoor cooking space or want to update your current outdoor kitchen, give the Outdoor Makeover & Construction team a call today.


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