Get Out and Enjoy Your New Fire Pit this Fall

people sitting around fire pit during nighttime in the fall
  Fall in Georgia is a beautiful time to get outside and enjoy the weather. As a state where hot weather begins early and seems to linger, many look forward to cooler temperatures where outside activities such as hot dog roasts, ghost stories, and toasting marshmallows around a campfire are common. But who says one has to leave the comforts of home in order to enjoy fall? With a fire pit, it is possible to enjoy these activities not just during the fall, but even into the colder months, too! In recent years, many Georgia residents have discovered the thrill of having a permanent fire pit created for their landscape; and not surprisingly, the number of homes with a fire pit is increasing. Here are just a few reasons people are getting out and enjoying their fire pit: 1.       Anyone’s yard can be enhanced with natural walkways and gardens, but when you add a custom designed fire pit, you add another level of out ambiance. Besides, while you may enjoy having company, sometimes it’s nice to have people hanging out outside, rather than inside of your home. 2.       A fire pit can be sized according to the space and design of your yard. Whether just a simple fire pit framed with logs or an elaborate one enhance with a stone patio or deck, the fire pit can take on a myriad of shapes and be built from a variety of materials. 3.       When constructed properly, permanent fire pits are completely safe as they are built with walls on all sides to prevent sparks from spreading beyond the pit. For extra precautions, many homeowners opt for wire mesh on top of the pit. 4.       Fire pits used on a patio area can be designed using gas for fuel, rather logs, making them especially safe and more controlled. This is often a plus if you plan to cook over your fire pit. 5.       As referenced, the fire pit is the perfect outdoor kitchen element. Depending on how large the pit is, items such as barbecue or even the Thanksgiving turkey can be prepared on it. 6.       The fire pit is a budget friendly way to add to the design of your backyard. Working with a landscape designer such as Outdoor Makeovers means you are can rest assured your yard will be utilized to its full advantage. 7.       Do you love to star gaze? Perhaps you need a quiet retreat after a long day at work. With a fire pit, you can escape – and without the need to go to a new location. 8.       While it may seem inconceivable to want to sell a home with a fire pit as part of the landscape, should you need to move, a fire pit will add to the resale value of your residence. From roasting an assortment of foods to providing extra space for entertaining beyond the dog days of summer, there’s nothing quite like the fun of having a fire pit in your backyard! So don’t miss out on all the excitement. Talk to the Outdoor Makeover team to learn how a fire pit can enhance the beauty of your own yard.


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