16 Expert Tips To Create Your Dream Backyard

Outdoor makeover: Expert-tips-to-create-your-dream-backyard

A backyard is not just a piece of land; it’s a canvas waiting to be transformed into a breathtaking landscape. If you’re fortunate enough to call Atlanta home, you can create a slice of paradise with stunning landscape design and Fun-Filled Outdoor Installations right in your backyard. Atlanta’s diverse climate and lively community make it […]

Types of Firepit Options That Make Your Backyard Look Attractive

Outdoor Makeover: Firepit Options

A well-designed landscape creates a visually appealing and harmonious outdoor space. It is basically a combination of various elements like plants, water features, lighting, and hardscapes as well as a cohesive and attractive environment. It also gives homeowners as well as visitors a sense of pride and enjoyment. But adding a fire pit in the […]

Landscape Design Services: From Basics To Types & Benefits

Outdoor Makeover: Landscape Design Services

Landscape design services is more than just making your lawn or yard look nice. It is about beautifying your lawn while also making it more appealing to spend time with your family and friends. There are numerous factors to consider when planning or building a landscape to ensure that everything goes as planned. Landscape design […]

Best Outdoor Lighting Solutions in 2023

Outdoor Makeover: Best Outdoor Lighting Solutions in 2023

Light brings additional beauty and security to an outdoor environment. The main objective of installing outdoor lighting is to make outside activities like production, transit, construction, city beautification, etc. more effective, safe, secure, and comfortable during night. Modern exterior lighting can serve multiple purposes in the workplace and even at home. Significance of Outdoor Lighting […]

Property Transformation With Exterior House Light Installation

Outdoor Makeover: Property Transformation With Exterior House Light Installation

Exterior House Light Transform Your Property into a Work of Art Did you know you can use light layering outside to add depth and character, instantly change the atmosphere, and highlight the beauty of your outdoor living space? Exterior house lighting is an essential element of home architecture that has many advantages beyond aesthetics. It […]

All About the Difference Between Hardscape & Softscape

Outdoor Makeover: All About the Difference Between Hardscape & Softscape

Hardscaping is a component of landscaping that gives outdoor spaces structure and utility. Hardscape landscaping entails imaginative, artificial layouts for our outdoor area. Building retaining walls, laying foundations, and planting trees are all components of landscape design. Your front yard, backyard and the appearance of your home are both enhanced when you add something to […]

Best Screened-In Porch Materials for Your Metro Atlanta Home

Backyard Landscape Fire Feature Atlanta

As the leading landscape artist in Atlanta, our team has designed and built many screened-in porches using a variety of screened-in porch materials. Whether these porches were large or small, used as simply a place to relax, or designed to be a second kitchen, homeowners across the metro-Atlanta area can enjoy the outdoors even more […]