The Allure of Flames: 11 Fireplace Designs for Luxurious Outdoor Settings


Nothing can beat the crackling fireplace if you want to add warmth to your outdoor social gathering. The timeless mood of fire, combined with the natural splendor of the outdoor space, is truly a match made in heaven. While the fireplace is a well-known fixture in the home, it transforms into a work of art and an unforgettable year-round feature when taken outside.

But how can you include this outdoor item in your landscape? We’ve compiled a list of warm outdoor fireplace ideas for your backyard to help you get creative. The design possibilities are endless, from the conventional wood-burning fireplace to the large firebox. With these outdoor fireplace ideas, you can warm yourself with crackling flames during chilly fall parties while basking in the sumptuous light of languid summer evenings.

11 Outdoor Fireplace Ideas For Luxurious Outdoor Settings:

Natural Stone Fireplaces:

A stone fireplace transforms from a valuable addition to a work of art by embracing the elemental power of earth and fire. These fireplaces combine cobblestone, stone bricks, or carefully chiseled stones in harmony, encircling the flickering flames.

Outdoor Makeover: Traditional-Outdoor-Fireplaces-With-A-Modern-Look

From grain to tint, the stone’s intrinsic variation creates an ever-changing backdrop that enhances the vibrant flame of fire. Whether hidden in a comfortable nook or as the focal point, a stone fireplace exudes timeless elegance, making every patio gathering feel like a getaway in a rustic refuge.

Swimming Pool With Built-In Fireplace:

If you are looking for attention-grabbing outdoor fireplace ideas, a few things will draw your attention as much as an outdoor swimming pool with a built-in fireplace. These custom-built additions have an extraordinary visual appeal and can transform an already beautiful outdoor environment into something remarkable.

These outdoor gas fireplaces are often placed in a fire-resistant casing that can be customized for the finish, media, and outside glass to provide a fashionable and coherent pool and fireplace combination.

Outdoor Makeover:  Custom-outdoor-fireplace-with-Kitchen

Vertical Outdoor Gas Fire Burner:

Vertical outdoor gas fire tables are another excellent method of establishing a central focal point in your outdoor environment. These designs have regular gas fire pits or tables (with the possibility of greater flames) but rely on the tall surrounding structure to grab your visitors’ attention. This type of gas fire burner can be an excellent fit for any nook or mixed indoor-outdoor location.

Rooftop Outdoor Patio Fire Table Idea:

The table is a natural meeting spot, so a rooftop patio fire table is an excellent alternative for you and your guests to relax and enjoy. These natural gas or propane-powered tables serve as a focal point or timeless statement for your outdoor patio area and are customized to almost any form or dimension. Even if your rooftop patio space isn’t available all year due to adverse weather, these tables are a solid, user-friendly solution that can withstand the elements.

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Sleek Dual-Sided Charm:

The dual-sided fireplace is a symphony of form and function, representing the pinnacle of modern refinement. The flames dance, creating a captivating performance that can be seen from two perspectives, crossing spaces and hearts. Whether connecting an outdoor dining room to a lounge area or providing warmth to two different seating configurations, this fireplace guarantees that no one loses out on its dazzling glow.

The dual-sided fireplace is architecturally intriguing and highly efficient. It elevates the mood from both sides and serves as a beacon of style and warmth.

Outdoor Makeover: Natural-Stone-Fireplaces-Design-Idea

Traditional Fireplaces With A Modern Look:

If you have an out-of-date-looking red brick fireplace, you can rejuvenate it by painting it white. White-painted brick fireplaces are really popular right now. You can also cover the brick with a different material, such as stucco, stonework, or stunning tilework.

Small Outdoor Fireplace Idea with Fountain:

A small outdoor fireplace and fountain combination is another lovely focal point option, combining moving water and an open flame. Better still, this eye-catching outdoor element is more accessible than you may expect, as gas-powered fire pits can be designed to fit a wide range of creative fountain structures.

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Outdoor Dining Room Fireplace:

It’s difficult to top dining al fresco on a lovely day, but adding a spectacular outdoor fireplace to the mood is certainly one way to do it. This stunning addition might be an indoor-outdoor dual-sided fireplace or one that only faces the outdoors. Regardless of the method, you and your friends will welcome the ability to gather for food and drink and the opportunity to linger by the bonfire into the evening.

Patio covered Fireplace:

A covered patio fireplace allows you to enjoy the outdoors while keeping sheltered from the elements. It brings warmth, charm, and a comfortable atmosphere to your standalone fireplace design.

Outdoor Makeover: Modern-Electric-Fireplace

Electric Fireplace:

Don’t have enough space? If so, then an electric fireplace is a good-to-go option. Electric fireplaces are smaller and more portable than wood-burning or gas fireplaces. Plus, they don’t emit smoke, carcinogens or fumes. Electric fireplaces are often recommended for those with asthma or allergies.

Blue Grey Rubble Fireplace:

Blue Grey Rubble is an excellent choice for outdoor freestanding fireplace designs. Its cool-toned tones and rough texture give your outdoor space a modern, stylish appearance.

Combine An Outdoor Fireplace With A Grill Station:

‘No backyard is complete without a grill, so if you build an outdoor fireplace, why not include an outdoor grilling station? Having a fireplace with built-in seating, log storage, and backyard lighting is very practical. The structure and landscaping around it truly capture the eye, making it a beautiful focal point at the end of even the smallest of backyards.

Outdoor Makeover:  Outdoor-Fireplace-Design

Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces: Your Custom Fireplace Experts

Fireplaces provide more than just warmth. They’re an essential component of every interior design. Whether designing a big hotel lobby or simply increasing the value of your home with a living room fireplace, you want the best. These trendy outdoor fireplace ideas will pique your guests’ interest and captivate them late into the night. There is no better investment for your house or business than a comfortable fireplace.

At Outdoor Makeover and Living Spaces, we understand fireplace design. Our carefully constructed fireplaces are designed with the utmost consideration for safety, ensuring that flames remain under control and embers stay contained. Homeowners can relax and enjoy the mesmerizing dance of the fire, free from worries about accidents or unexpected hazards. Find design inspiration in our portfolio of stunning bespoke fireplaces.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to design an outdoor fireplace?

Designing an outdoor fireplace involves considering factors like the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space, the size and style of the fireplace, and its functionality. Choose a design that complements your outdoor decor and provides the desired ambiance for gatherings or relaxation. Whether you opt for a traditional brick fireplace, a modern fire pit, or a custom design, ensure it aligns with your vision and meets local building codes.

How to choose the right location for an outdoor fireplace?

The perfect location for your outdoor fireplace is crucial for safety and enjoyment. Consider factors such as wind direction, proximity to combustible materials, and ease of access. Opt for a spot that enhances the ambiance of your outdoor living area while providing adequate ventilation and clearance from structures. Additionally, ensure the location allows for comfortable seating and socializing around the fireplace.

What are the best materials for constructing an outdoor fireplace?

The best materials for constructing an outdoor fireplace depend on your design preferences, budget, and climate. Standard options include durable materials like brick, stone, concrete, and metal. Each material offers its unique aesthetic appeal, durability, and maintenance requirements. Choose materials that can withstand outdoor elements and enhance the overall look of your outdoor space while aligning with your budget constraints

What are the steps involved in planning an outdoor fireplace project?

Planning an outdoor fireplace project involves several essential steps, including:

  • Determine the purpose and design preferences.
  • Choose the location based on safety and aesthetic considerations.
  • Consider local building codes and regulations.
  • Select suitable materials and decide on the fireplace type.
  • Develop a budget and timeline for the project.
  • Hire professionals, if necessary, for design, construction, and installation.
  • Obtain necessary permits and approvals.
  • Construct the fireplace according to the approved plans.
  • Test the fireplace for functionality and safety before regular use.
What are some budget-friendly options for designing an outdoor fireplace?

If you’re working within a budget, consider cost-effective alternatives for designing an outdoor fireplace:

  • Opt for prefabricated fireplaces or fire pits, often more affordable than custom-built options.
  • Choose materials like concrete blocks or pavers instead of natural stone or brick.
  • Explore DIY options for constructing the fireplace, but ensure you have the necessary skills and knowledge to do so safely.
  • Consider smaller fireplace designs or fire pits requiring less materials and labor.
  • Shop around for material deals and consider using reclaimed or recycled materials for a unique and budget-friendly look.

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