Preparing Your Atlanta Deck or Patio for Warm Weather

backyard deck with spiral stair case leading down to backyard with mulch and softscaping

We have almost made it! Winter and it’s cold weather is finally ending. The days are getting longer, and warm temperatures are coming back. With the weather improving, it is time to get outside! And where is the best place to have your outdoor living area? Why, the deck or patio, of course! However, your deck or patio has probably not been used a great deal in the past few months. Before planning your outdoor activities, it is important to set aside some time to inspect and prepare your outdoor space for use. Here are some ways to prepare your Atlanta deck or patio for Spring.

Preparing Your Atlanta Deck or Patio

Depending on the materials your deck or patio is made from, there are a few different elements to inspect.

Check for Wood Damage

If your deck or patio is built of wood, then check above and below for any signs of wood rot, mildew, or nails that may have popped out. If you see any of these issues, you will need to replace the damaged wood. While these issues can be minor at first, they can turn into a major problem.

Check the Stair Stringers

Stair stringers are the pieces that support the steps. Make sure to inspect these for any similar damage. Also, look at the ground posts to be certain they are secure and trustworthy for anyone using them.

Remove Mildew

If you see any areas where mildew has formed, now is the time to clean and treat the area. To remove mildew, you will need to use whatever product is recommended by the manufacturer of the deck stain.

Apply Stain

Once you have ensured all the surfaces of your deck are clean, now is also a good time to apply a new coat of stain. In most cases, stain only needs to be reapplied every 2-3 years. This depends on whether your deck or porch gets full or minimal sun.

Beyond the Deck or Patio Flooring:

Prepare Cooking Elements

If you have outdoor cooking elements on your deck or patio, be sure they are in prime working order. Also, be safe, not sorry by having functional safety equipment on hand in an emergency! Inspect to make sure your fire extinguisher is in working order. Make sure it is in an easily accessible location as well.

Clean Up the Furniture

Clean any furniture or cushions that have been exposed to the weather during the winter. Refer to the care information for outdoor furniture to know which cleaning solution to use.

Freshen Up Your Area

Add new outdoor furniture, plants, or other accent pieces. Adding new elements like these will make your Atlanta deck or patio even warmer and inviting.

Blast Away Leaves and Debris

Use a high-powered leaf blower to get rid of any leaves or debris that have built up over the winter. Keeping leaves and debris off of your deck or patio will help prevent damage and stains.

Clean Pots, Planters, and Other Items

Did you leave out any pots, planters, or other items outdoors? Be sure to wash them thoroughly and remove any standing water. This will help reduce the number of insects and areas mold can grow.

Inspect Pavers on Walkways

If you have pavers and noticed that some are cracked or damaged, now is a great time to replace them in your walkway. Inspect your walkways and remove any weeds that may be growing through cracks.

Update Your Landscape

Improve your deck or patio by improving the surrounding landscape! Refresh the plant life, lighting, or other elements to show off your outdoor living area. If you need to overhaul your yard, contact us at Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces!

Prepare your Atlanta deck or patio for warm weather in just a few hours! By taking these proactive steps, your outdoor living area will be ready for Spring and Summer. If you need to repair, rebuild, or redesign your landscape, call our team today! Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces are your backyard living experts.