Best Deck Maintenance for Your Atlanta Home

Outdoor Makeover: Best Deck Maintenance for Your Atlanta Home

Having a deck or porch on your home is a wonderful way to expand your living and entertainment area. The space is perfect for casual dining, offers a place for the kids to play, or even provides a spot for an easily accessible container garden. However, without proper deck maintenance you will eventually have simply a collection of planks with no value. Unlike other areas of your home, your deck is exposed to the weather year-round. From harsh rain and even snow to extreme heat, all of these take their toll. And while there are many material choices for deck building, there are still commonalities when it comes to ensuring your deck always looks great and is around for years to come. These basic deck maintenance tips can extend the life of your deck and keep it ready for every season.

Deck Maintenance Tips

Like anything, having a plan makes it easier to see that things get done. Here is a simple approach to protecting and maintaining your deck.

  • Spring: Apply a sealer or stain. This is often a 2-day job as it involves first clean off the deck using a broom followed by a soft brush and cleaner. Then, sand down the deck, then replacing or removing any nails or screws that have popped out, then applying the stain/sealer. To even better protect your investment, consider using a paint with UV protection. If your deck boards are made from composite, then it is not always necessary to stain it, but if you do be sure to use a product designed for composite wood.
  • Summer: Look for signs of rot. Begin by checking stairs and the perimeter of each post. Be sure to inspect the framing, joists, posts, and beams. Check the railing for any loose or damaged posts or connections. Look for cracks that may have developed since spring.
  • Fall: Don’t let leaves and other debris pile up in the corners or shaded areas of the porch. Trim any nearby bushes or tree that could drop leaves or branches in the cooler months. Ideally, they to be at least 12 inches from the deck to prevent – or at least minimize – growth of mold, moss and rot. Move any planters, chairs and tables from time to time to avoid discoloring the decking. Be sure to keep the gutters and downspouts in good shape. Replace the ones that are damaged or cracked sooner rather than later. Don’t ignore deck maintenance. Like other home maintenance jobs, it is important, and failing to do it can have detrimental effects. If you are concerned about the status of your home’s deck work, contact the Outdoor Makeover team today and ask for an assessment.

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