8 Outdoor Makeover Ideas for Your Landscape

Outdoor Makeover: 8 Outdoor Makeover Ideas for Your Landscape

Just because the weather outside is cooling off and the winter season is approaching, it doesn’t mean that now is the time to quit doing yardwork or forget about the landscape. In fact, wintertime is the perfect time to sit back and decide what your next outdoor makeover projects will be. After all, if you do a great deal of outdoor entertainment, chances are, there are ways to make it better and more enjoyable. If you have never considered how you can give your yard a new look, why not make the leap into a functional yard perfect for entertaining and not just a lawn? After all, you might be surprised at how much you like the outdoors if you have a yard that is designed for entertaining.

Elements of an Outdoor Makeover

  1. Create a fireside retreat – Whether you have a fire pit built on an area of your deck or opt to have one added to the lawnscape, a fire element is a great way to add interest to your backyard.
  2. Add gates and fences that have been painted in bright colors. They will add a splash of color and energy during the winter and can be used as backdrops for plants during the other parts of the year.
  3. Find out what type of plants will bloom during the cooler months and plant some of those in your yard. Opt for several different types so that you will have a variety of color. Some common contenders include pansies, camellias, blue holly, calendula, dianthus, and winter hazel. You may also want to think about the types of trees you plant. Consider the various pines as well as those that with pretty bark such as birch and dogwoods.
  4. Lighting is important all year around. From simple rope light cording, to miniature white string lights around the deck or throughout your garden areas, to spotlights along design features, and chandeliers over the deck and patio, the use of light not only adds visibility, but beauty and charm, too.
  5. Add water elements such as ponds, waterfalls, or fountains. This creates an air of tranquility and will provide a retreat space on warm days.
  6. Add a decorative concrete patio to a space, a few comfortable chairs, and a table and you now have a new spot for outdoor dining and entertaining.
  7. Do you have several different garden spots? Then why not create paths between the locations. The paths can be paved, small stones, edge with railroad ties, or an assortment of other items to create a unique walkway.
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  9. Build an outdoor room. Whether it is more of an extension of your den with an outdoor fireplace or a full kitchen, bringing the inside to the outdoors is a great way to have more room for outdoor entertainment. These ideas are simple yet delightful ways to take your backyard and turn it into a space where entertaining is even more fun. Don’t wait until spring to get started on an outdoor makeover project. Talk to our team today to get started on a great looking yard for 2017.

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