Best Screened-In Porch Materials for Your Metro Atlanta Home

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As the leading landscape artist in Atlanta, our team has designed and built many screened-in porches using a variety of screened-in porch materials. Whether these porches were large or small, used as simply a place to relax, or designed to be a second kitchen, homeowners across the metro-Atlanta area can enjoy the outdoors even more thanks to the team at Outdoor Makeover. We love designing a space that works for your needs and your home’s architectural design.

Of course, no two screened-in porches are exactly alike. The styles, sizes, and even materials change from place to place.  However, with many years and a great deal of experience as the premier landscape designer in Atlanta, we have learned a great deal about the various products used for screened-in porches and can help you determine what will be best for the screened-in porch you have always wanted.

Best Screened-In Porch Materials 

Fiberglass and Aluminum

These are the two most common screened-in porch materials used in metro Atlanta screened-in porch builds. This is because the weave of the screen is small enough to keep bugs out while allowing the breeze in. Each of them offers specific advantages, depending on your scenario.


Known for not staining or rusting, fiberglass is more flexible than aluminum. Because it comes in a wide range of colors it is possible to customize the look of your porch. It is typically less expensive and will offer minimal glare due to sunlight. The main negative is it can stretch and tear easier than other choices. If you have kids or pets who might push against the screen, fiberglass may not be your best option!


Available in only 3 colors (black, grey, and charcoal), the aluminum screen offers great visibility but can cause a bit of a glare. However, it is especially rigid and durable making it a great choice if you anticipate strong winds or people or pets pushing on it. Aluminum screening looks great, but usually costs 30% more to install. However, while it costs 30% more, it will also last about 30-40% longer than fiberglass.

Other Screened-In Porch Materials

Solar Screen Fabric

This is a synthetic material designed to reduce or block how much sunlight filters through to your porch. Because it blocks the sun’s rays it is great for protecting any porch furnishings that fade with intense sunlight. It is also helpful in minimizing the heat level and can give your screened-in porch a more shaded effect.

Pet-resistant Screening

Made from durable vinyl-coated polyester, pet-resistant screening can hold up against scratches and tears caused by animals. However, this durability does mean that it is thicker and offers less visibility. Many homeowners opt to use pet-resistant screening in lower screen panels where their pets can reach and on the door(s).  This is one of the most expensive screened-in porch materials but it will last longer as well.

Metal Screening

These are the most expensive screened-in porch materials. You can opt for bronze, stainless steel, copper, or Monel (a nickel-copper alloy). These screened-in porch materials will offer an elegant appearance to your porch while providing privacy and protection from the elements. If trying to determine what is best for your screened-in porch, keep in mind that stainless steel can cause a glare if in direct sunlight and that while bronze is stronger, copper will lose its color over time and will take on a blueish shade.

In addition to the screened-in porch materials listed here, there are other products available such as a pollen-resistant screen specifically designed to trap pollen particles. Keep in mind this product will minimize the amount of airflow to your porch, but if allergies are an issue then Pollen TEC screens can help you enjoy the outdoors a bit more.

Regardless of the type of screened-in porch material you choose for your space, be sure to talk to a knowledgeable architectural designer before getting started. The team at Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces knows all about designing the best screened-in porches, from Milton to Marietta and East Cobb to Alpharetta. We would love to talk with you about designing a screened-in porch that is everything you have ever wanted. Give us a call today.

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